Author Catherine Anderson

The Mystic Creek Series

This is a great new start for a new series.  Mystic Creek is a small town in the middle of nowhere and the people tend to stick together.  This little town has a history of bringing the right people together in just the right way.

This series is about the Sterling family.  Mom and Dad Sterling have 6 children.  There is Jeb, who works with wood.  Then there's Ben who lives and breathes the rodeo livestock.  Next is Barney.  He's the local deputy.  Jonas is the youngest and is studying psychology.  There are also the 2 girls to consider, Sarah and Adriel.  I can't wait to see what their stories are about.

Silver Thaw

Catherine Anderson's Silver Thaw, book 1 in the Mystic Creek SeriesSilver Thaw

Silver Thaw, is about Amanda Banning and Jeb Sterling.  Amanda is on the run from her abusive husband with her young daughter.  She flees to Mystic Creek to hide from him.  Jeb finds her living in a run down rental and rescues her from dangerously cold weather and brings her to his house to get warm and dry.  

There they realize the danger she is in and what they can do for each other.  

This is a sweet story about healing a broken heart and how love can heal even the most broken of spirits given enough time and patience.

New Leaf

Catherine Anderson's New LeafNew Leaf

Book 2, New Leaf, is about Barney Sterling.  He is the local deputy.  He knows everybody and everybody knows him.  So when he gets a call about someone disturbing the peace, he heads out not planning on witnessing a beautiful Taffeta Brown dancing in her upstairs window.  He always saw her as someone who was unnoticeable and unassuming.  Now he's taking a second look and realizing that he was very wrong.

Then when he hears about her troubles, he is reluctant to step in and help.  But he does anyway and finds the love that he's been searching for.

It's a sweet story.  Loved it!!  It's a story about fighting for what you want even though the odds are against you.

Mulberry Moon

Catherine Anderson's Mulberry MoonMulberry Moon

Book 3, Mulberry Moon, is about one of the brothers, Ben.  He has retired from the rodeo circuit and has made a home in Mystic Creek.  He's now ready to settle down.  He's notices Sissy Bentley, who own the Cauldron, a small cafe, in Mystic Creek.  But she doesn't give him the time of day!!  

Sissy has had a hard life and doesn't trust easily.  She knows that getting to know Ben will only break her heart and she doesn't want anything to do with that again.

But they keep getting thrown together when weird things happen!  And it is through this time that they get to know each other and decide to be together.  It does have bumps along the road, but it's a tender story.

So far, it's a cute story about learning to trust the one that you will give your heart to!!

It has very little smutty details!  It is up our imaginations with this one!

Please spread the word so other romance readers can know MORE too!

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