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Romance Author Kerrelyn Sparks gives us a funny, entertaining, serious-at-times look into the paranormal book series, The Love at Stake Series.  While she does have some books that are not with this series, most of the books belong to this particular series.  

She also writes under the pen name of Debbie Raliegh and writes regency romance and under Deborah Raliegh and writes "steamy historicals". 

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The Love at Stake Series

This book series is interesting, entertaining, and definitely fun to read.  It is about a group of people that are vampires.  These vampires create a community where they each find love and acceptance with mortals.  It's a fun series.

Kerrelyn has an impressive pdf that shows all sorts of details, like dates and ages, about each of the characters. It's awesome!  Check it out.

Her love scenes do get a bit detailed, but they are not so bad that that it ruins the plot line.  

Most of the stories go along the line of vampire meets girl, reeeeaaaalllllly likes her, but is plagued with doubts as to whether or not he, as a vampire can even have a relationship with a mortal.  They go through a bunch of this and that before they decide that can't 'live' without each other.  Each of the characters seem to have some sort of physic ability.

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, book 1

Kerrelyn Sparks' How to Marry a Millionaire VampireHow to Marry a Millionaire Vampire

Book 1, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, starts with Roman Draganesti.  He is the owner/lead scientist/inventor of Romatech Industries.  He has created a multi-million dollar company around the idea that vampires don't need feed off of humans or kill them.

His right hand man, Gregori Holstien, and his vampire chemist friend, Laszlo Veszto are in the midst of making different ways for the vampires to be able to get the blood that they need to survive.  

Due to one of their creations, Roman, loses one of his fangs.  (You have to read the first chapter to understand the cheezy-ness of this.)  He has to get his fang fixed before the end of the night because if he goes through a death-sleep, he'll be one fanged!!

And there happens to be an all-night dentist available.  This is where he meets Shanna Whelan.  She is in Witness Protection posing as someone else because she witnessed something she shouldn't have.

If you would like a more in depth review, check out this review from The Hope Chest Reviews.

Vamps and the City, book 2

Kerrelyn Sparks' Vamps and the CityVamps and the City

Roman is the leader of the American Coven.  He was a monk when he was human.  He was changed by the vampires that are rogue.  He didn't want to be rogue so he changed several to fight with him.

So there is a vampire war going between the Malcontents and the band of vamps that Roman is leading.

This is also where it gets interesting.  Shanna is on their hit list and it is up to Roman to save her.  As he is saving her, they fall for each other.

Book 2, Vamps and the City, is about the harem that Roman no longer was willing to keep.  He sends them to Gregori's place.  

This story is also about Austin and Darcy.

Sugarplums and Scandal - A Very Vampy Christmas

Anthology Sugarplums and Scandal with Kerrelyn Sparks' A Very Vampy ChristmasA Very Vampy Christmas

A Very Vampy Christmas is a novella.  You will also find it in the anthology, Sugarplums and Scandal.  So it is book 2.5.

Be Still My Vampire Heart, book 3

Kerrelyn Sparks' Be Still My Vampire HeartBe Still My Vampire Heart

Book 3, Be Still My Vampire Heart, continues the storyline with Roman and is companions.

Roman had changed Angus MacKay hundreds of years before.  Now Angus is the owner of a security firm that protects coven leaders and important people in history.

This is where you meet another group that is against the vampires.  They are a CIA group calls Stake-Outs.  Their leader is Sean Whelan, Shanna's father.  This is entertaining to read.

Emma Wallace is part of this group.  But she is also killing vamps on the side.

Angus steps in to protect her from the Malcontents, but she doesn't want protection.

The Undead Next Door, book 4

Kerrelyn Sparks' The Undead Next DoorThe Undead Next Door

Book 4, The Undead Next Door, is about another that Roman changed.  Jean-Luc Echarpe is a famous fashion designer that is getting too much publicity.  He has to go into hiding.  There he meets Heather Westfield.  She is just trying to support herself and her young daughter, when she is pulled into a bitter feud between Jean-Luc and his most hated rival.

All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire, book 5

Kerrelyn Sparks' All I Want for Christmas is a VampireAll I Want for Christmas is a Vampire

Book 5, All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire, tells Ian's story.  He was changed when he was a teen so he has a very young face.  During book 4, he takes a potion that makes it possible for him to age 12 yrs.  So now for this book he is in his late 20s.  And he is looking for his one true love just like Roman and the others.  He starts with an online dating service that goes completely wrong. 

There is a new guard that has come to the townhouse that catches his eye.  But she seems to have an agenda of her own.  It's a cute, cheesy story.

By now, you have learned about the Malcontents.  They are a group of rogue vampires that like to feed on humans and consider themselves to be a superior race.  Their leader is Casimir.  The rogue vampire that changed Roman.  He is out to get all of the good vampires.

Secret Life of a Vampire, book 6

Kerrelyn Sparks' Secret Life of a VampireSecret Life of a Vampire

Book 6, Secret Life of a Vampire, is about Jack and Lara.

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire, book 7

Kerrelyn Sparks' Forbidden Nights with a VampireForbidden Nights with a Vampire

Book 7, Forbidden Nights with a Vampire, is about Phil Jones and Vanda Barkowski.  Phil is one of their human daytime guards.  He also happens to be a werewolf.  He was shunned from his pack and found love with Vanda.

The Vampire and the Virgin, book 8

Kerrelyn Sparks' The Vampire and the VirginThe Vampire and the Virgin

Book 8, The Vampire and the Virgin, is where Robby MacKay tells his story.  He is a descendant of Angus MacKay's.  Robby is forced to go to an island for some needed R&R.  But he refuses to visit with a shrink.  There he meets Olivia.  She happens to be a shrink!  

It's a cute story, kinda cheesy, but sweet.

Eat Prey Love, book 9

Kerrelyn Sparks' Eat Prey LoveEat Prey Love

Book 9, Eat Prey Love, brings us Caitlyn Whelan's story.  She is sister of Shanna and daughter of Sean Whelan.  She doesn't know anything about vampires or shape-shifters.  She is welcomed into their world but it's a lot to suddenly take in.  She also has psychic skills of her own.  She can understand any language that she hears. So she hears that Carlos is going on a mission, she jumps to go with him.

Carlos Panterra is a shape-shifter and he's died several times.  Each time he dies, he becomes stronger and bigger.  Cats really do have nine lives.

Vampire Mine, book 10

Kerrelyn Sparks' Vampire MineVampire Mine

Book 10, Vampire Mine, is about Connor Buchanan and Marielle.

Sexiest Vampire Alive, book 11

Kerrelyn Sparks' Sexiest Vampire AliveSexiest Vampire Alive

Book 11, Sexiest Vampire Alive, is finally Gregori's turn.  He is Roman's VP of marketing for Romatech Industries.  This ones looks good.

This is where their evil nemesis, Casimir, is finally killed by Connor. 

Wanted: Undead or Alive, book 12

Kerrelyn Sparks' Wanted: Undead or AliveWanted: Undead or Alive

Book 12, Wanted: Undead or Alive!, gives us Phineas McKinney's story.  You first meet him in book 3.  He was changed by the evil vamps but he didn't want to be evil.  He is known as Dr. Phang.  He wants to find love for himself.

In steps Brynley Jones.  She is Phil's sister (from book 7).  She is a werewolf too.  In the end, he gets bitten by a werewolf to become the first vampire/werewolf.  

Wild About You, book 13

Kerrelyn Sparks' Wild About YouWild About You

Book 13, Wild About You, is about Elsa Bjornberg and Howard Barr.  Howard is a were-bear and she is the Guardian of the Forest.  They have an unlikely romance when Shanna sticks her nose into his love life and asks Elsa to come and fix up their house that is near the school.  Due to some misunderstood stories that have come down through the ages, they don't get together till the very end.

Vampires Gone Wild - V is for VampWoman, book 13.5

Novella Vampires Gone Wild with Kerrelyn Sparks' V is for VampWomanVampires Gone Wild

The next book is a novella called Vampires Gone Wild.  So book 13.5 is V is for VampWoman.

The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo, book 14

Kerrelyn Sparks' The Vampire and the Dragon TattooThe Vampire and the Dragon Tattoo

Book 14, The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo, is about Dougal Kincaid and his lovely doc, Leah.

How to Seduce a Vampire, book 15

Kerrelyn Sparks' How to Seduce a VampireHow to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying)

Book 15, How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying), is about Zoltan Czakvar and his warrior princess, Neona.

Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire, book 16

Kerrelyn Sparks' Crouching Tiger, Forbidden VampireCrouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire

Book 16, Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire, is about Russell and Jia.  He was the soldier that they found in a cave still in a vampire coma.  Jia is a were-tiger that is determined to kill the vampire that killed her family.

So the whole story line ends with Russell and Jia.  At the end, there is a nice ending to the series that Roman guides.  

I liked this series.  All the books were well thought out and entertaining.  Each did stand on it's own but I liked being able to see how the back story finally completed at the end.  Although I didn't expect the outcome that it was.  


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