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The KGI Series is about family.  A military family, the Kellys.  They have six grown sons that are in some form of military.  All of them are gorgeous, competitive, domineering and good at what they do. 

Maya Banks is a marvelous story teller.  Each story can stand on it's own, but when you read the whole series, you get this huge picture of this large family, that even takes in strays like Rusty, that really are there for each other.  They support each other and really help each other when one is injured or hurting. 

Sam, Donovan, Garrett, Ethan, Joe, and Nathan are each the main character in KGI Series.  Although not in order, each story is about a brother or even another member in the units.

And what do they do?  The KGI Series is about saving lives.  It is about protecting the world from the bad guys while finding that special someone that will complete them and that they will be together with forever.  They take  the jobs that no one else wants to take on.

She has a great website filled with lots of info about the KGI Series and more.   Check it out!!

This series has the characters swearing and friendly crude, as only brothers can be.  Her love scenes are detailed, some more than others.  The scenes are a part of the story line, not the only thing.  

Sam, Garrett, and Donovan have created the KGI (Kelly Group International).  They are an elite group that take on jobs that are top secret, that nobody else wants.  But first, they are a family.  

Book 1, The Darkest Hour, is about Ethan Kelly and his wife Rachel.

Book 2, No Place to Run, is about Sam Kelly and Sophie Lundgren.

Book 3, Hidden Away, is about Garrett Kelly and Sarah Daniels.

Book 4, Whispers in the Dark, is about Nathan Kelly and Shea Peterson.

Book 5, Echoes at Dawn, is about Rio and Shea Peterson.

Book 5.5, Softly at Sunrise, is a novella.  It's more about Rachel and Ethan.  They went thru so much, they needed an additional story.

Book 6, Shades of Grey, is about PJ and Cole.  They are members of the teams.

Book 7, Forged in Steele, is about Steele and Maren Scofield.  She's the teams doctor and he's made of steel!!

Book 8, After the Storm, is where Donovan Kelly finally gets his story!

Book 9, When Day Breaks, is where Swanny gets his story.

Book 10, Darkest Before Dawn, you finally hear about Hancock.

Book 11, Brighter than the Sun, is where Jo Kelly finally gets his story.

There needs to be another book added to this series.  Rusty needs her own story.  She's been tiptoeing around the cop for ages!!

Eventually each of these books will get their own book page, but until then, take a look below for some #bookdetails about each book.

 Book 1 - The Darkest Hour

Maya Banks' The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour is about Ethan.  He has been racked with guilt and pain since he lost his wife, Rachel.  He never considered himself worthy of her.  Then he receives news that she might be alive, and he will stop at nothing to find her.  This is a touching story about redemption and second chances.

Book 2 - No Place to Run

This one is Sam's story.  He had a brief affair with Sophie Lundgren when he was working undercover and has never been able to forget her.  Then he pulls her out of the water right near where they live.  

How did she know who he was?  He was undercover!!!

And she's pregnant!!  

While she is running from her past and so many questions unanswered, they struggle to trust each other in the face of insurmountable obstacles. 

Maya Banks' No Place to Run

Book 3 - Hidden Away

Maya Banks' Hidden Away

Hidden Away, Garrett wants to find Marcus Lattimer, an enemy of KGI.  He figures he can get to him through his half-sister, Sarah Daniels.  What he didn't expect was falling for Sarah.  She's on the run too.  Now he has to solve both in order to be with her.

Book 4 - Whispers in the Dark

This is one of my favorite stories.  I don't have to read it again to remember it.  So I have done a seperate page for this one.  All the others will get their own pages soon.  

Click on the book cover to see the #bookdetails about this story.

Book 5 - Echoes at Dawn

Maya Banks' Echoes at Dawn

Echoes at Dawn, brings us Shea's sister Grace.  She has been on the run with her sister for some time.  They both have powers that others want to exploit.  Rio is leader of one of the teams employed by KGI.  He takes one look at Grace and knows he is going to go find her.  After he does, he takes her to a safe place where she can heal and recuperate.

At the end of this story, they fake her death so that Grace can live a normal life and not be hounded by evil that only want to exploit her.  They also adopt the little girl that she was kidnapped to heal.

This story also introduces Hancock.  He 'lets' Rio take Grace.  He appears to be the bad guy, but you meet him off and on in the stories and he gets his own story in book 10.  He's an assassin that might actually have a conscience.

Book 5.5 - Softly at Sunrise

This one is a novella, Softly at Sunrise.  And it's about Rachel and Ethan.

Because she was held captive for an entire year, she as lots of issues to resolve.  This one is especially for them.

Maya Banks' Softly at Sunrise

Book 6 - Shades of Gray

Maya Banks' Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray, has two of the team members realizing that they are meant for each other.  PJ and Cole.  They've butted heads for so long, when they realize that that combustible-ity could be transferred elsewhere, sparks fly.

Then they go on a mission that goes horribly wrong, PJ gets hurt in the worst way and then disappears.  Cole never stops looking for her, so when she shows up again, he stops at nothing to find her and convince to come home.

Book 7 - Forged in Steele

In Forged in Steele, it has tough, emotionless Steele tongue-tied whenever they meet up with Maren Scofield.  She is the doctor that the teams go to when needed.  When she gets kidnapped, Steele stops at nothing to get her back.

Maya Banks' Forged in Steele

Book 8 - After the Storm

Maya Banks' After the Storm

After the Storm gives Donovan his story.  Finally!!  He is the resident nerd, geek, computer guru that has set up the compound to be connected to them.  

He is described as a softy so when he sees a couple of kids downtrodden and in need of help, especially when their older sister stirs something in him.  And just in time, too.  A storm rages in and takes their home just after Van picked them up.  Now he must figure out what she is running from and keep her safe.

Book 9 - When Day Breaks

When Day Breaks is about Swanny.  Swanson was with Nathan when he was captured in book 3 and 4.  He gets rescued along with Nathan but has a large scar on his face that he can't really hide.

By this time, he has decided to join KGI and is on one of his first missions.  It happens to be guarding/protecting a supermodel.  Eden is everything a man could want, beautiful, intelligent, famous.  But she has evil stalking her.

This story has a beauty and the beast feel.  It is kinda cheesy, but still enjoyable.

Maya Banks' When Day Breaks

Book 10 - Darkest Before Dawn

Maya Banks' Darkest Before Dawn

Darkest Before Dawn is Hancock's story.  You first meet Hancock in book 5.  He is this hard, tough, takes-no-prisoners type of personality.

This one starts out with Hancock and his team trying to infiltrate an organization that has the worst of the worst that they are trying to take down.  

Honor Cambridge is an aide worker that becomes a target for a terrorist organization.  She escapes and is on the run.  She is a strong and honorable and everything that Hancock is not.

He is sent to find her and bring her for an exchange from one bad guy to another.  This is where Hancock shows that he is still human and he can care about someone.  They fall for each other.  The rest is how they overcome their own shortcomings in order to be together.  

It's a good story.  I liked that you got to know who Hancock is and was.

Book 11 - Brighter than the Sun

Joe finally gets his story!!!

Joe has his time to shine in the sun!!!  Finally!!!   As a fan of this particular series, I was excited to find this story and I read it in an evening!!

This one is where you get to see more of who Rusty is as she plays a bigger role in this one.  Rusty has hacking and computer skills and creates a whole new identity for her friend, Zoe.  Zoe is running from her father and ex.  She needs to disappear.

After Rusty creates this whole new identity for her, Zoe is invited to the family compound that houses the KGI teams.  There she meets Joe and he basically falls for her as soon as he sees her.  They get to know each other pretty quickly.  Then she gets kidnapped from the only house that is outside the compound.  

She has a "I'm not worthy" thing going on with her because of the neglect that she has received from her father.  So it takes the whole book to convince her that she is.  Joe takes it upon himself to court her.  It's a nice change for a romance story.

What I liked about this one was there was a story to follow.  The love scenes are not the only thing in this series.  There was more the plot line than just the sex.  

Maya Banks' Brighter Than the Sun

Rusty is next.  She has a pretty bad blow at the end of the last book.  But I'm hoping that Sean gets his act together and they get their story.  

Time will tell!!  

It would be so much better if authors could write as fast as we readers read!!

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