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The Thunder Point Series

Thunder Point is this wonderful little town right on the water.  The characters are friendly and normal.  Each of the books takes on a vital person in the community.  The little beachfront cafe that is fixed up in book 1 becomes a focal point for the community.  

This series has a different feel than the Virgin River Series.  While some authors make a point to write with spine tingling adventure or drool worthy love scenes, Robyn Carr has given us plain ol' normal.  These stories are about life.  Life can be mind-numbing normal but sometimes it's nice to be able to read that it is okay with normal.  

Each story is very connected to the one before.  You find out what has happened to the previous main characters.  She does a marvelous job interweaving all characters while adding new ones.

The sensuality level for this whole series is very low.  

The Wanderer

Book 1, The Wanderer, starts out with Hank Cooper inheriting an old friend's beachfront property.  At first he just plans to fix and sell, but the town grows on him as well as Sarah Dupre.  It's a good start to a new community that grows together.

Robyn Carr's the WandererThe Wanderer
Robyn Carr's The NewcomerThe Newcomer

The Newcomer

Book 2, The Newcomer, brings in the local deputy sheriff, "Mac" McCain.  He has been raising his daughter along with longtime friend, Gina James, raising her daughter.  As a romance starts to blossom between them, they take on the challenge of raising the girls together.

The Hero

Book 3, The Hero,  is about how Spencer Lawson befriends Devon McAllister and how it grows into something more.  She fled a dangerous cult with her young daughter with the help of undercover agent Laine Carrington.  Spencer takes a job coaching the high school football team.

This story is also about Lou McCain.  She's Mac's aunt who stepped in to help him with his daughter ages ago.  Now she gets something for herself.

Robyn Carr's The HeroThe Hero
Robyn Carr's the ChanceThe Chance

The Chance

Book 4, The Chance, is about Laine Carrington and Eric Gentry.  Laine is a FBI agent in need of major R&R.  Eric is a mechanic that relocates to Thunder Point to be closer to his daughter that he had with Gina James.  

The book is also about Al.  He is a old timer that is a rover, but due to some boys who need him and a lady that holds his heart, he too, stops to think about settling down.  

The Promise

Book 5, The Promise, is where Scott Grant finally gets his story.  He's the local widowed doctor trying to raise his 2 young kids.  He puts an ad in the paper for a PA.  Peyton Lacoumette steps in and that is when his world starts to change.

Robyn Carr's The PromiseThe Promise
Robyn Carr's The HomecomingThe Homecoming

The Homecoming

Book 6, The Homecoming, is about Seth Sileski and Iris McKinley.

One Wish

Book 7, One Wish, came out in March 2015.

Robyn Carr's One WishOne Wish
Robyn Carr's A New HopeA New Hope

A New Hope

Book 8, A New Hope, came out in June 2015.

Wildest Dreams

Book 9, Wildest Dreams, came out in August 2015.

I will add more when I've had a chance to read them!!

Robyn Carr's Wildest DreamsWildest Dreams

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