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Virgin River Series

If you want a sense of community that is welcoming and warm, the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr are the books to read.  Robyn Carr does an amazing job of making this series something that you want to be a part of.  

Each book brings in the main characters and then keeps adding to a number of people that visit Virgin River as well as those who choose to live there.  In the first few books you find Hope McCrea finding a nurse (book 1),  then a cop (book 2), then a preacher (book 9), to add to the community until she passes away.  

Each story line carries the main characters, but it also carries other stories simultaneously.

In Book 1, Virgin River, you meet Lizzie Anderson and Rick Sudder in addition to Jack and Mel.  Lizzie is a completely out of control teen sent to Virgin River to be with an aunt because her parents can't handle her anymore.  There she meets Rick.  He is the grandson to Lydie Sudder, who has been taking care of him since his parents were killed.

Jack had taken Rick under his wing and had been helping him out.  Rick and Lizzie romance is combustible!  

As you read the first 6 books, you read about Lizzie and Rick.  How they come together and what they go through being so young is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  I cried right along with Lizzie and Rick as they struggled.

If I could live in Virgin River with all these amazing characters, it would be awesome!!  I thoroughly enjoyed this series.

Each book can be read on it's own, but to see how the community comes together, you need to read the first 10 or so books together.  After that, each book is loosely connected.

The sensuality level for this series is medium to medium low.  She shares some details but not everything and not every time.

Virgin River

Robyn Carr's Virgin RiverVirgin River

Book 1, starts the whole community with Jack Sheridan and Mel Monroe.  He is a retired Marine who has bought a bar in the middle of Virgin River.  This bar, Jack's Bar, becomes the main meeting place for the whole valley.  

Mel is a nurse/midwife in need of a big change.  After losing her husband to violent crime, she heads to Virgin River with an offer from Hope McCrea.  While the offer from Hope was not what she was expecting, the offer from Jack is worth a lifetime.

Shelter Mountain

Robyn Carr's Shelter MountainShelter Mountain

Book 2, Shelter Mountain, is about Preacher.  His real name is John Middleton.  He is a Marine buddy of Jack's and they open the bar together with Preacher as cook/chef/resident gourmet.  He is a big burly of a guy and has a soft spot for the down-trodden.  

Paige Lassiter is on the run from an abusive husband and gets lost in Virgin River.  Preacher takes it upon himself to help her and they fall for each other.

This book has Brie Sheridan's and Mike Valenzuela's story.  He becomes the cop of Virgin River and she is an attorney who help those who need it.

Whispering Rock

Robyn Carr's Whispering RockWhispering Rock

While Book 3, Whispering Rock, carries the main characters of Tommy Booth and Brenda Carpenter, it mainly continues the stories already established in book 1 and 2.

Tommy helps Jack, Preacher, Walt Booth, and others find a group of kids that are raping girls and getting away with it.  He meets Brenda after she suffers a miscarriage due to being raped.  This one is a sweet story of how love can heal.

Walt Booth is a retired general and widow.  He is father to Vanessa, book 5, and uncle to Shelby, book 6.

A Virgin River Christmas

Robyn Carr's A Virgin River ChristmasA Virgin River Christmas

Book 4, A Virgin River Christmas, brings in new character.  Marcie Sullivan is hunting down her beloved husband's best friend after he passes away.  She wants to thank him for what he did for her husband.  

What she finds is a man who has secluded himself off from the world because of the effects of the war.  Ian Buchanan doesn't want company but a snow storm keeps them together in a tiny dump of a cabin long enough to help them both heal from the loss. 

Erin Foley is Marcie's older sister.  Her story is book 11, Moonlight Road.

Second Chance Pass

Robyn Carr's Second Chance PassSecond Chance Pass

Book 5, Second Chance Pass, has Paul Haggerty coming to Virgin River.  He is in the construction business and is helping to build the community.  And he has been secretly in love with Vanni forever.  Vanessa Rutledge lost her husband to the war, had a baby without him and has come to Virgin River to heal.  

It takes a while, but they realize they are meant to be together.

Walt Booth becomes interested in Muriel St. Claire.

Temptation Ridge

Robyn Carr's Temptation RidgeTemptation Ridge

Book 6, Temptation Ridge, starts the Riordan Brothers.  This is Luke's story.  He comes to fix some cabins that he co-owns and encounters Shelby McIntyre when she comes to visit her uncle Walt.

Paradise Valley

Robyn Carr's Paradise ValleyParadise Valley

Book 7, Paradise Valley, is about forgiveness and acceptance.  You first meet Dan Brady in book 1, where he was a illegal pot grower.  He comes back to make amends and get honest work.  There he meets and falls for Cheryl Creighton.  She is finally sober after being the town drunk for a long time.  

You also find more about Lizzie Anderson and Rick Sudder.

Under the Christmas Tree - That Holiday Feeling

Anthology That Holiday Feeling with Robyn Carr's Under the Christmas TreeUnder the Christmas Tree - That Holiday Feeling

Book 8 is a novella called That Holiday Feeling.  This short story is Nate Jensen's and Annie McKenzie's story.  He is the town vet.

Forbidden Falls

Robyn Carr's Forbidden FallsForbidden Falls

Book 9, Forbidden Falls, brings in Noah Kincaid who answers an ad to buy the old run down church just down from Jack's Bar.  He is a young pastor looking for his own congregation.  But he needs some help to fix it up.  In steps Ellie Baldwin.  She is young, sassy, beautiful and in need of a respectable job to get her kids back.  

Through the whole story, Ellie brings out these thoughts of wisdom that she was taught from her granny.  Some are funny.  Some are practical.  All help to carry the story line beautifully.

This book is also about Vanni and Paul Haggerty from book 5, Second Chance Pass.  

You will find that Hope McCrea is bringing certain people to keep Virgin River alive and growing.

Angel's Peak

Robyn Carr's Angel's PeakAngel's Peak

Book 10, Angel's Peak, is another Riordan, Sean Riordan.  He is a fighter pilot who has finally decided to grow up.  And thank goodness too.   

He left Franci in the dust 4yrs ago and now that he's found her again he can't leave.  There's a 3.5yr old cherub to think about.

Moonlight Road

Robyn Carr's Moonlight RoadMoonlight Road

During book 10, Erin Foley fully renovated the tiny dump of a cabin that Ian Buchanan lived in when he was in Virgin River.  In book 11, Moonlight Road, the cabin in a completely renovated up-to-date oasis.  

Erin is sister to Marci (book 4, A Virgin River Christmas).

But what she doesn't expect is a burly looking hunk to be in her backyard early one morning.  Aiden Riordan, a navy doctor, has come to Virgin River to be with his brothers and figure out what is next for him.  

Midnight Confessions - Midnight Kiss

Anthology Midnight Kiss with Robyn Carr's Midnight ConfessionsMidnight Confessions - Midnight Kiss

Book 12, Midnight Kiss, is included in a novella called Midnight Confessions.  This book is about Drew Foley and Sunny.  Drew is bro to Marci (book 4) and Erin (book 11).  Sunny is Nate Jensen's niece (book 8).

Promise Canyon

Robyn Carr's Promise CanyonPromise Canyon

Book 13, Promise Canyon, brings in some new characters.  Clay Tahoma works for Nate Jensen as a farrier.  Lilly Yazhi works at her grandfather's feed store.

This is about coming to understand and accept your heritage.

Wild Man Creek

Robyn Carr's Wild Man CreekWild Man Creek

Book 14, Wild Man Creek, brings us back to the Riordan brothers.  Colin Riordan is an army pilot who has been seriously injured.  He heads to his brothers' cabins to recuperate.  Jillian Matlock has come to Virgin River to find some peace.  

Jillian ends up opening an organic farm.

Harvest Moon

Robyn Carr's Harvest MoonHarvest Moon

You first meet Lief Holbrook and Kelly Matlock in book 14.  In book 15, Harvest Moon, Kelly is escapes to her sister's to find some R&R.  Lief has his hands full trying to deal with his attitude-filled teenager.  With so much baggage, it is amazing that these two connect at all, but they do.

Bring Me Home For Christmas

Robyn Carr's Bring Me Home for ChristmasBring Me Home For Christmas

Book 16, Bring Me Home For Christmas, is a cute Christmas story about Becca Timms and Denny Culter.  Denny works for Jillian (book 14).

This book also brings in new characters and fills us in with old ones.

Hidden Summit

Robyn Carr's Hidden SummitHidden Summit

Book 17, Hidden Summit, has Connor Danson (real name Connor Malone) hiding in Virgin River.  He is in witness protection.  Leslie Petruso is hiding from embarrassment from her ex.  Both find solace in each other and a reason to no longer hide.

Redwood Bend

Robyn Carr's Redwood BendRedwood Bend

Katie Malone gets her story in book 18, Redwood Bend.  She is Conner's sister (book 17).  She is a war widow and has been away from her brother for too long due to the trial, so she picks up and heads to Virgin River.  She encounter Dylan Childress on the side of the road, in the pouring rain.  

It is a heartwarming tale of realizing that your past does not need to hold you back from having your own happy ending.

Sunrise Point

Robyn Carr's Sunrise PointSunrise Point

Book 19, Sunrise Point, comes back to Tom Cavanaugh.  He left to serve in the Marines, now he's back to take over the family apple orchard.  He is ready to settle down and start a family.

Nora Crane applies for a job at the orchard.  And sparks start flying.

My Kind of Christmas

Robyn Carr's My Kind of ChristmasMy Kind of Christmas

In book 20, My Kind of Christmas, the youngest Riordan brother gets his story.  Patrick Riordan has come to Virgin River to heal after a mission gone wrong.  

Angie LaCroix is Jack's niece and has come to figure life out while enjoying the beauty of Virgin River.

I'm sure the story line could just keep on going and going and going.  It just ends.  I guess it has to at some point.  

I love this series.  It's one of my favorites.

She has another series that is more recent.  Check out the Thunder Point Series.

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