Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr

If you want a sense of community that is welcoming and warm, the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr are the books to read.  Robyn Carr does an amazing job of making this series something that you want to be a part of.  

Each book brings in the main characters and then keeps adding to a number of people that visit Virgin River as well as those who choose to live there.  

In the first few books you find Hope McCrea, the town matriarch, finding a nurse (book 1),  then a cop (book 2), then a preacher (book 9), to add to the community until she passes away.  

Each story line carries the main characters, but it also carries other stories simultaneously.

For example in book 1, Virgin River, you meet Lizzie Anderson and Rick Sudder in addition to Jack and Mel.  Lizzie is a completely out of control teen sent to Virgin River to be with an aunt because her parents can't handle her anymore.  There she meets Rick.  He is the grandson to Lydie Sudder, who has been taking care of him since his parents were killed.

Jack had taken Rick under his wing and had been helping him out.  Rick and Lizzie romance is combustible!  

As you read the first 6 books, you read about Lizzie and Rick.  How they come together and what they go through being so young is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  I cried right along with Lizzie and Rick as they struggled.

If I could live in Virgin River with all these amazing characters, it would be awesome!!  I thoroughly enjoyed this series.

Each book can be read on it's own, but to see how the community comes together, you need to read the first 10 or so books together.  After that, each book is loosely connected.

The sensuality level for this series is medium to medium low.  She shares some details but not everything and not every time.

While I have read this entire series, I am in the process of writing individual book pages for each book.  There will be a link to those that I've finished.

Book 1, Virgin River, is about Jake Sheridan and Mel Munroe.

Book 2, Shelter Mountain, is about John "Preacher" Middleton and Paige Lassiter.

Book 3, Whispering Rock, is about Brie Sheridan and Mike Valenzuela.

Book 4, A Virgin River Christmas, is about Ian Buchanan and Marcie Sullivan.

Book 5, Second Chance Pass, is about Paul Haggarty and Vanessa Rutledge.

Book 6, Temptation Ridge, is the beginning of the Riordan men!!  This is Luke's and Shelby's story.

Temptation Ridge

Robyn Carr's Temptation RidgeBook 6

Paradise Valley

Robyn Carr's Paradise ValleyBook 7

Under the Christmas Tree 

Anthology That Holiday Feeling with Robyn Carr's Under the Christmas TreeBook 8

Forbidden Falls

Robyn Carr's Forbidden FallsBook 9

Angel's Peak

Robyn Carr's Angel's PeakBook 10

Moonlight Road

Robyn Carr's Moonlight RoadBook 11

Midnight Confessions

Anthology Midnight Kiss with Robyn Carr's Midnight ConfessionsBook 12

Promise Canyon

Robyn Carr's Promise CanyonBook 13

Wild Man Creek

Robyn Carr's Wild Man CreekBook 14

Harvest Moon

Robyn Carr's Harvest MoonBook 15

Bring Me Home For Christmas

Robyn Carr's Bring Me Home for ChristmasBook 16

Hidden Summit

Robyn Carr's Hidden SummitBook 17

Redwood Bend

Robyn Carr's Redwood BendBook 18

Sunrise Point

Robyn Carr's Sunrise PointBook 19

My Kind of Christmas

Robyn Carr's My Kind of ChristmasBook 20

I'm sure the story line could just keep on going and going and going.  It just ends.  I guess it has to at some point.  

I love this series.  It's one of my favorites.

She has another series that is more recent.  Check out the Thunder Point Series.


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