The Chosen by Sharon Sala

The Chosen by Sharon Sala

The Chosen is another gripping stand-alone story that will keep you up till you are done.

This story is about January DeLena and Benjamin North.

She is a journalist.

He is a detective.

They are supposedly sworn enemies, but ever since their first explosive kiss, they both can't forget the other.

She comes to him with a theory that she hopes is just a theory.

But as times goes by and more men disappear, it seems as if she might be onto something.

There is a vile, sinister, self-proclaimed messiah out there kidnapping men hoping to get into heaven with his twisted thinking.

As they come together to solve this horrific from, they realize that they are perfect for each other.

True to her form of writing, you have to get through the sinister plot and then the two main characters can be together.

I did enjoy this story.  I was interesting and captivationg!


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