Musings of a Romance Reader!

Hi, I'm Shental.  I'm a romance reader just like you.  Read my story here.

Over the last 30yrs that I've been reading romance books, I've had questions, frustrations, and annoyances with romance books, the authors, their websites and even the Romance Industry too.

I've also enjoyed reading new books and learning about new and amazing authors that have published their books in the last 20 yrs.

I've also learned about this industry and watched it change over the years.  And unfortunately, not all those changes are good.  

This site is dedicated to romance books and the many #bookdetails that authors create.  But it's also about the things that you can learn from amazing authors and the books that they've written. 

But it's also a place that I can explain how things were and how they are now.  And answer the questions that I've had over the years and new ones that I'm able to find.

And maybe, just maybe, find some solutions to some of the questions that new authors may have.

Questions like:

Why read romance books?

How to pick a romance book worth reading?

What are some decent romance reads to read?

What are some romance books with strong female characters?

Where to find free romance books online?

What are some romance books you can't put down?

Where can I find decent romance books?

What are some romance books like (pick a movie)?

Imagine knowing details about the books so that you can decide if you want to read them or not!!

Book details like:

Is the book a full-length story or a novella?

What's the location or setting of the story?

What's the theme or the trope of the storyline?

Whether the story is based on real events or not.

If the author is an author worth my time.

Does this book belong to a book series? And if so, where and how?

This site is free from one voracious romance reader to another, just like you.

Happy Reading!

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