Questions about Romance Books?

Do you scour the internet looking for decent and interesting romance books to take home and read?

Do you have questions like:

What are some decent contemporary romance reads to read?

What are some romance books with strong female characters?

What are some romance books with love triangles?

Where can I find free romance books?

Where can I find decent romance books?

What are some romance books that are like (pick a specific movie)?

Imagine knowing details about the books so that you can decide if you want to read them or not!!

Book details like:

Is the book a full-length story or a novella?

What's the location or setting of the story?

What's the theme or the trope of the storyline?

Whether the story is based on real events or not.

If the author is an author worth my time.

Does this book belong to a book series? And if so, where and how?

Just like you, I had questions about the romance books that I'd find and wanted to know more before I read, so then I'd know if the book was worth my time.  Click here for more about me.

So I created this site to answer questions that we all have!

Here, on StuckOnRomanceBooks, you'll find #bookdetails about the book, the book series and even whether or not the author is worth your time!

This site is free from one voracious romance reader to another, just like you.

Happy Reading!

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Characters with Disabilities

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Most romance books are about beautiful men and women who defy the odds against something or other. But finding a romance where the characters are not perfect and have difficulties that make life hard are harder to find.