Welcome to StuckOnRomanceBooks

Hello! I'm Shental. And I'm a reader just like you.  

I love to read romance.  I love to find out things about the books and about the author.  Just for fun!

I like to know things about the storyline and the characters.  I like to know if the book is going to be worth my time.

I spend copious amounts of time looking up details to connect the stories because I like to read the whole series.  I like to start at the beginning and read the whole series.  I like to understand the back story as well as the individual stories for each of the books.


I found that not many authors had any details about their books on their websites.  Oh, they had the back blurb on their site.  But.... I wanted more.  

But...  I couldn't find more.  

Even digging into author sites as well as romance reviewer sites to find the details that I was looking for to connect the books that I was reading.

Don't get me wrong.  I did find SOME details.  AND there were some authors that have awesome sites with lots of details.  But I did not have lots of success finding details that would connect the books, the characters, the stories for me.  

And I was frustrated.  I couldn't find ANY site for any genre that showed me the details of the books similar to what I was looking for.  


That's where this site comes in.  I wanted to provide a place where you could be armed with #bookdetails about the books so you would #knowmore before you read your book.

So you'll know if the book is worth your time.

I hope that you like this site.  I am doing this at no cost to you.  Just from one reader to another. 

Here are some of my favorite romance books:

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And I will, of course, attribute your contribution to you.  Include a link to your site (if you have one) or to something that you are doing online. 


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