Answering Reader's Questions!!

Over the years, as I've read more and more books, I've wondered about each of them as I'm reading.  And these questions have plagued my mind, when I'm sleeping, when I'm driving.  And as I've researched these books, I haven't always found answers to my questions.

So I finally decided to start a website to answer the 1000s the questions that I had.  Things like how long a story is, is there a cliff-hanger to this story, is this author, this series worth my time?!?!

Here on StuckOnRomanceBooks, you'll find many details about the books that I've read over the years and my thoughts around them.  Answering reader's questions about the books that you can't put down!

But I also realized that there's another side to the questions.

What would a reader think about if they were wanting to write their own story.  What would they need to think about and know in order to be an author?

So I created another site where I'm answering even more questions that just might go thru a soon-to-be author's mind on the path to becoming the author of their own story!

Check out the questions listed below where I'm answering reader's questions because I had them too!  Click on each pic to jump to find out!!


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