Author Alexandra Ivy

Alexandra Ivy has a whole bunch of books to her name.  She has written paranormal, historical, contemporary, suspense, even erotica.  Amazing!  

She also writes under other names.  Under Debbie Raleigh she writes traditional regencies.  Under Deborah Raleigh she writes steamy historicals.  

Under the Alexander Ivy name she writes contemporary paranormal.

While I have only read The Sentinels Series, she has a ton more books.  Check out her site.

The Sentinels Series

The Sentinels is a book series about two groups of people battling to exist together.  The first is the high-bloods, people like witches, psychics, necromancers, Sentinels, and others with paranormal abilities that are kept safe in Valhalla.  Typically if you were born with abilities you were left for dead.  The people at Valhalla make a point to go and find those that have abilities and bring them to Valhalla.

The other group are normal people with no abilities called norms.

The story line starts when Valhalla, a compound that harbors paranormal people in safety, is functioning and has powerful people leading it.  

Predatory - Out of Control

Anthology Predatory with Alexandra Ivy's Out of ContolPredatory - Out of Control

In the anthology, Predatory, Alexandra Ivy's book Out of Control is book 0.5, a prequel to the series.  

It is about Angela Locke and Nikolo Bartrev.  He is a Sentinel sent to find Angela.  He is placed as a professor at the college she attends.  What she doesn't know is that she has paranormal abilities.  She learns that she is a healer when she saves Niko.

Alexandra Ivy's Out of ContolOut of Control

Born in Blood

Book 1, Born in Blood, has Sergeant Duncan O'Conner lusting after Callie Brown.  She is a necromancer and can read the final thoughts of a dead person.  She gets called in when a body of a stripper is found without her heart.  They know that some high-bloods are at fault for this one.  Turns out that there is a very powerful necromancer trying to take over.

Each of the high-bloods has a Sentinel as a bodyguard.  Callie's Sentinel is Fane.  They are bonded with a bond that runs deap.

Duncan and Fane protect Callie from a powerful rogue necromancer, only to find out that this rogue is actually her father.  In a race against time, Duncan and Callie draw closer together as they fight this necromancer and eventually fall in love.

Alexandra Ivy's Born in BloodBorn in Blood

Blood Assassin

Alexandra Ivy's Blood AssassinBlood Assassin

Book 2, Blood Assassin, is about Fane.  After breaking the bond with Callie, Fane is left feeling lost.  Serra, who is best friend's to Callie, wants to fill the void in Fane.  But Fane is a Sentinel, a man that is devoted to his work and is in constant danger.  

Serra is a powerful pychic.  She can hear everybody's thoughts except for guardian Sentinels.  Fane being one of them.  Due to his head-to-toe tattoos, Serra can't read Fane.  

She gets kidnapped by a rogue high-blood and Fane steps in to rescue her.  He choses to finally listens to his heart and lets himself love Serra as he has done for almost a decade.  After solving the kidnapping of a little girl, Molly, they head off to Tibet to be together.

Blood Lust

Alexandra Ivy's Blood LustBlood Lust

Blood Lust is the 3rd book in this series.  This is Bas' and Myst's story.  Even though Bas and Myst made Molly (she was kidnapped in book 2) together, they are not together.  Not for the lack of wanting to though.  Both have been wanting to be with the other.  

At the beginning of the story, Bas thinks that she is just a disappearing act.  But as he gets to know her and what she is facing, he realizes that she left Molly with him to protect her.  This story is their working together to figure out the prophesy about total destruction and how they come together.

It's a sweet story.  AI is a talented storyteller.  The plot line is well thought out and interesting.  The characters are will developed and engaging!  It's a good story.

There are also several more characters that have joined the story so there is the potential for more books to come.

There is Wolfe, the head of the Tagos, and the Mave, the leader of the high-bloods.  Her name Lana Mayfield.  They have something going on and need their own story.  

There are other Sentinels that hopefully Alexandra Ivy plans on writing stories for: Arel, and Marco.

I am excited to see read how this book series will continue.


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