Author Anita Stansfield

Anita Stansfield is an amazing author that is able to take you away and make you think about life and why things are the way that they are.  As an LDS author, she has mixed in standards and principles that we practice.  She does a good job.

You go away from reading any of hers having learned something about yourself and perhaps something that you need to fix in your own life.

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Byrnehouse-Davies & Hamilton Saga

There are 8 more books in this series.  I have not had the privilege of reading them.  I will add to this page as soon as I can.

Each of these books can really stand alone, but there is a series within a series with this one.  

Book 1 - The Gables Faces East

Book 2 - Gables Against the Sky

Anita Stansfield;s The Three Gifts of ChristmasThe Three Gifts of Christmas

Book 3, The Three Gifts of Christmas, is actually not based before books 4, 5, and 6.  It comes after.  As soon as I find it, I'll write about it. 

Books 4, 5, and 6 are a trilogy that need to be read together to finish the storyline.

First Love and Forever

Anita Stansfield's First Love and ForeverFirst Love and Forever

Book 4, First Love and Forever, introduces Emily Hall.  She has fallen love with Michael Hamilton.  But he is not a member of the church and through prayer and fasting, she knows that she needs to marry Ryan Hall instead.  Michael goes home to Australia.

She does.  And life is not as she envisioned.

Years later, she encounters Michael again and goes to his book signing.  Meeting again is bittersweet and life-changing.  Again through, prayer and fasting, she knows she must stay with Ryan and mend her marriage.

This is where the story starts to pick up.  Ryan gets killed in an accident, just when they were starting to make things work.  And Michael send her some money anonymously, not knowing that she is in dire straights.  

He comes back to the States to find her almost pennyless, and about to be out of a home.  He sweeps her off her feet, and she accepts.  During their time apart, he had investigated the church and was baptized.

First Love Second Chances

Anita Stansfield's First Love Second ChancesFirst Love Second Chances

Book 5, First Love Second Chances, is about Emily's and Michael's life together.  Life and love can be hard when you are trying to make a marriage work.

Even married, us church members have problems.  I love how Anita expressed how Emily survived.  It has helped me immensely over the years.

Now and Forever

Anita Stansfield's Now and ForeverNow & Forever

Book 6, Now & Forever, brings the final chapter to Emily and Michael.  You learn lots about why they are together and things about yourself.  This book holds a great deal of meaning for me.  I will forever grateful for this particular story.

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