That Summer Night by Barbara Freethy

That Summer Night is the 6th book in the Callaways Series by Barbara Freethy.

Remember this series is about the Callaway family, all 8 kids!!

That Summer Night by Barbara FreethyBook 6 - 2014 Book Cover

Book Details

That Summer Night is a complex romance that's both a contemporary and suspense novel.

This is Shayla's story.  If you remember, she's the youngest girl in the Callaway family and twins with Colton.  They are the ours in the mine, yours and ours part of the family.

And this brings us brand new characters.  Shayla is a child genius.  She skipped grades and went to college early.  Now as an adult, she's a full fledged doctor.

And of course, there's another book cover for this, but it's almost the same.  There's even a different one below!!

You'll find this book to be a full length novel with no cliff hanger.  There's a problem to solve that they work together to solve.  

And yes there's also story loops for future stories and pieces from previous characters so that we know how they are doing.

And while this is a romance, the mystery is the bigger part of the plot.

That Summer Night by Barbara Freethy2014 Book Cover
That Summer Night by Barbara Freethy2015 Book Cover

So the story line is that Shayla, as a doctor, went to Columbia to help with a research project and a new drug that would hopefully help with Alzheimer's patients.  Really important to her as her grandmother is suffering from the disease.

She was working with her friend and mentor Robert Becker.  The clinic that she worked at was attacked and several people were killed.

She was able to get back home safely but she's now suffering from PTSD.  And she's having episodes that are affecting her ability to function.

When Shayla's friend Robert mysteriously contacts her and tells her that he needs her help and the only person she can trust is his brother, Reid, she's completely thrown.

Book Summary

So Shayla goes to find Reid Becker.  And finds a whole lot more.

Reid is the complete opposite of Robert.  Robert is like Shayla, a child genius trying to save the world.  Reid is a soldier.  He's just been discharged from the army and is actually at a loss as to what he should do.  He was injured the last time he was out.

But when Shayla comes to him asking for his help, he can hardly say no to a beautiful woman.  And he has no idea if he's even willing to help his brother.

They're a bit estranged, having had a falling out several years before over a lady!  That's a story in and of itself.

But together they realize that Robert has gone into hiding, and that the attack on the clinic in Columbia was a planned attack and Robert was the target.

When Robert contacted Shayla, he gave her a message to give to Reid.  A certain quote that only Reid would understand. 

He reluctantly decides to help Shayla.  

And along the way, they get to know each other.  I found that although Shayla was described as being a intellectual genius, during this story, I found that she's more like a regular person as opposed to a genius.  She still have feelings and emotions and hang-ups that add to a romance!!

Reid is more like the men in her family, a man's man and even a ladies man!!

So it fits with a romance trope type of story with a strong, masculine, gorgeous man who finds a beautiful lady whose just as strong and resilient.  

They find a puzzle of clues that takes them to falsifying reports and cover ups and big money for all the wrong people.

And not only is all of it connected to Robert but also to Reid.

They play a real cat and mouse game for a time and then they finally find Robert, with the help of that quote that Robert said.

And of course, they fall for each other in the process.  


That Summer Night is an interesting story.  Shayla and Reid have strong connection in that they're both suffering mentally and are looking for help.  

They connect because she needs someone to be strong for her and he needs someone to ground him.

Yes this story follows a typical romance story but I like the twist that this one has.  

And of course, it ends happy.  They both come to terms with some issues that they have and they realize that they need each other.

I enjoyed also seeing the different dynamics that the other characters that have already come into play in this series.

And this story does lead us into the next book where we find out Colton's story.  Book 7, When Shadows Fall is about Colton, Shayla's twin!

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