The Callaways by Barbara Freethy

The Callaways by Barbara Freethy can actually be broken into 2 different book series within one.

You'll find that Goodreads calls these books, 1 thru to 14, but Amazon does not!!  Amazon separates the books into two book series.

I've included both here to show the connection between the books and the series. 

The Callaways Series

The Callaways Series by Barbara FreethyCheck below for books 1 thru 8!

The Callaways starts us out with the Jack and Lynda Callaway.  This is a fun and loving mine, yours and ours family.

Lynda was married before with two girls, Nicole and Emma.  Jack had four boys, Burke, Aidan, Drew and Sean.  Then together they had twins, Shayla and Colton.

And that's what this series is about: this dynamic and entertaining family filled with strong and stubborn personalities.

The series does not follow any birth order, but it does follow whomever finds love first.

I've found that the timeframe for this series, each book, is actually really fast.  Book 2 happens right after book 1.  And then each subsequent book happens shortly after each other with the characters finding love and falling quickly.

Book 1, On a Night Like This, is Aidan's story.  He got a second chance with his adorable next door neighbor, Sara Davidson, when she came home to wish her dad a happy birthday.  

Book 2, So this is Love, is where Emma realizes that the love that she's been looking for is right in front of her.  Both her and Max Harrison take a chance on each other.

Book 3, Falling for a Stranger, is where we get to hear Drew's story.  He's the navel pilot in the family!!  And when he sees Ria Hastings, he knows she's the one.

Book 4, Between Now and Forever, is where Nicole Callaway and Ryan Prescott mend their marriage and save their son.

Book 4.5, Nobody But You, is a tender and sweet Callaway wedding novella where we see what happens during Max's and Emma's wedding.  And how Spencer actually finds someone to connect with.

Book 5, All a Heart Needs, is Sean's story.  When he met Jessica Schilling, he knows that she could upend his life completely.

Book 6, That Summer Night, is where Shayla finds a man that can actually touch her tough exterior.  

Book 7, When Shadows Fall, is when Colton finally meets his match when he literally bumps into Olivia Bennet!!

Book 8, Somewhere only We Know, is about Burke Callaway and Maddie Heller.

The Callaways Cousins

The Callaway Cousins Series is a spin-off of the first part of the series!

These are all characters that are related to the first family of Callaways in some way.

We learn in the course of the first 8 books that Jack Callaway came from a large Irish family and has nieces and nephews all over the place.

And of course, all of them are beautiful, wonderful, strong, and stubborn people that each have their own stories!!

Book covers for the Callaway Cousins Series by Barbara FreethyBook covers for the Callaway Cousins Series

You'll notice that this part of the series has two book numbers.  And that's because this part of the series is also part the first half but also separate as well.  I know, confusing!!

Book 9/1, If I didn't Know Better, is about Mia Callaway and Jeremy Holt.  She takes the time to clean out her aunt's house and gets so much more in the bargain!

Book 10/2, Tender is the Night, is about Kate Callaway and Devin Scott are pitted against each other in a fun opposites attract type of story.

Book 10.5/2.5, Take Me Home, is a Callaway novella where several of the Callaway children take a journey back to Ireland and find so much in the process.

Book 11/3, Closer to You, is about Ian Callaway and Grace O'Malley.  Ian finally finds someone who can pull him away from his science!

Book 12/4, Once You're Mine, is about Dylan Callaway.  Tori Hayden is his best friend's little sister, and she was always off limits until now!

Book 13/5, Can't Let Go, is about Annie Callaway and Griffin Hale.

Book 14/6, Secrets we Keep, is about Hunter Callaway and Cassidy Ellison.

Can't Let Go

Can't Let Go by Barbara FreethyBook 13 / Book 5

Secrets We Keep

Secrets We Keep by Barbara FreethyBook 14 / Book 6

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