The Look of Love by Bella Andre

The Look of Love is the beginning of a very successful contemporary romance series by Bella Andre.  

The Look of Love by Bella AndreBook 1 - 2013 Kindle Edition

Book Details

This book is the first book in an uber successful series.  It's written in 3rd person and is a full length novel!

The main characters of this whole series is about the Sullivan Family.  Each book is about one of the eight children of Mary and Jake Sullivan.

This story is about Chase and the lady that steals his heart.

Now each of these books could be called a "love at first sight" type of book.

Because Chase takes one look at Chloe Peterson and knows that she's the one for him.

As you can tell from the different book covers on this page, there has been several for this book.  The most recent one is at the top.

There are no cliffhangers in this story but pls know that the the next book follows really close in time frame, making this a fun, continuous story that we can enjoy.


There's is no continuing plotline from book to book making this book able to stand completely on it's own.

There are several sexy scenes that you need to watch out for and yes, they have some detail that some might be uncomfortable with.

This is the 2013 paperback edition for the Look of Love!2013 paperback edition
This is the 2011 Kindle and Nook editions for the Look of Love!2011 Kindle edition

As this is a "love at first sight" type of story, the chemistry between the two main characters is right from the beginning and most of the time it's off the charts!

This is Chase's story.  He's the 3rd in the family and he's an international renowned photographer.  But his favorite subjects to take pics of are of his own family.

And this story starts us out at his mother's 70th birthday to which he's taking pics of.

This story is just about life, a significant moment in the life of this character.  There's no mystery to solve, no murderer to catch.  Just life!!

Book Summary

Even though Chase is the family photographer, he also makes his living by taking pictures.

So prior to the beginning of this story a job is already lined up to take pics of a young model at his brother's vineyard.

And on the way there, he finds Chloe and her broken down car.

He invites her to come to the guest house where he's staying in order to have the time and money to fix her car.

There's an instant attraction between them and with a few scenes we see that.

As she spends the week there, while he's taking the pics, they get to know each other.

I found this book cover when I purchased The Look of Love from Kindle!Another Kindle edition!

And he finds out her story.

And it's not a pretty one.  She's on the run from her abusive ex.  And she's very leery of men all together.  She's very reluctant to trust the kindness that Chase gives.

Their romance happens fast and she comes to trust him and it all ends happy.  But along the way, they struggle with the issues that she has.

And Chase helps her to sort things out with her ex and make things right.  With the exception of one scene, the happenings with the ex are all off page and we are just told that she's finally able to deal with it.

And then she finally comes to trust Chase completely and she chooses to be with him.  As she was basically homeless from what happened with her ex, she just moves in with him.


I found this book to have a really thin plot line.  There wasn't much of problem to solve. And there was way too much sex.  I ended skipping a ton of it, and still didn't miss out on the plot, even though the plot was kinda bland.

I really enjoy romance book series about families and was excited to see this one, but was disappointed in how 1-dimensional it was.

Even though the characters were interesting, the story was unrealistic.  For a person to exit an abusive relationship and move on within a week, to me, was unrealistic. It takes a lot more time than that to really truly heal and to deal with the ramifications of an abusive ex.

This book is an easy read.  With no complicated plotline, you can skim the pages and still get the gist of the story.

You will find that this story leads us right into the next book, From this Moment On, where we find out all about Marcus.

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