The Tennessee Waltz Series
by Bella Street

The Tennessee Waltz Series by Bella Street consists of three wild and quirky time travel romances.

This series is a fun and entertaining series.

So far this series is a completely clean series.  Which is nice!

This author doesn't have a working website, so here's her Facebook page.

She calls her books "weird romance".  Not sure what that means.  But her story is a bit quirky.  Definitely a fun and light read.

Book 1, Kiss Me, I'm Irish, starts us out with Emily Musgrave arriving 200yrs into future and landing in Liam Jackson's arms.  Not literally, but almost!!

Book 2, Kiss Me, I'm Yours, is about Sophie Bowen and Gabriel Merritt.

Book 3, Kiss Me, I'm Home, is about Morgan Lee Faye and Mr. Kane.

After I've had a chance to read book 2 and 3 will I then be able to tell you how the stories are connected and in what way!!

Kiss Me, I'm Yours

Kiss Me, I'm Yours by Bella StreetBook 2

Kiss Me, I'm Home

Kiss Me, I'm Home by Bella StreetBook 3

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