Author Bobbi Smith

Author Bobbi Smith writes historical romances that have a western feel to them.  They are all based in times long ago.  

While I know that she has written some books that are within a book series, she's an author worth mentioning.

What I like most about her books is that in her plot line, everything goes RIGHT.  Of course, there is a dilemma that happens that needs to be solved but then to solve it, everything goes right for the characters to be able to solve their problems.  

For example, the hero comes just at the right time that the heroin is sneaking out of the house to come find him.  

I know that this pattern in a plot is not typical in romance books, but when life has already handed you a rotten egg, it's nice to be able to read about someone who has things going right for them.  It has always been good to read when my day has been rough.

The stories are always engaging and interesting and the men are always gorgeous, rugged cowboys.  And the women are full of spice and entertaining. 

So thank you, Bobbi Smith, for your style of writing.  Follow this link to see her site as there's another Bobbie Smith who's an author as well!

Here are some of her books:

Bobbi Smith's Island FireIsland Fire
Bobbi Smith's Desert HeartDesert Heat
Bobbi Smith's Capture My HeartCapture My Heart
Bobbi Smith's Texas SplendorTexas Splendor


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