The Whiskey Creek Series
by Brenda Novak

Book Covers to the Whiskey Creek Series by Brenda Novak

The Whiskey Creek Series is a contemporary romance series by Brenda Novak.

This series has a couple of books that are also classified as a Christmas or holiday romance.  That would be book 5, Take Me Home for Christmas and book 7, The Heart of Christmas.

This series is about a group of friends that went to high school together and have banded together to share each other's lives as they've all found love and lived happily ever after.

This series starts us out with a novella.  Book 0.5, When We Touch, is a fun short story about Olivia Arnold and Brandon Houseman.

Book 1, When Lightening Strikes, introduces us to even more characters.  This story is about Gail DeMarco.

Book 2, When Snow Falls, tells us Cheyenne Christensen's and Dylan Amos' story.

Book 3, When Summer Comes, is about Callie Vanetta and Levi McCloud.

Book 4, Home to Whiskey Creek, brings us Adeline Davis' and Noah Rackman's story.

Book 5, Take Me Home for Christmas, is an endearing Christmas romance about Ted Dixon and his long time love interest, Sophia DeBussi.

Book 6, Come Home to Me, tells us Presley Christensen's and Aaron Amos' story.

Book 7, The Heart of Christmas, is where Eve Harmon finally gets her story.

Book 8, This Heart of Mine, pulls in Phoenix Fuller and Riley Stinson.

Book 9, A Winter Wedding, is when Kyle Houseman finally finds the woman of his dreams, Lourdes Bennett.

Book 10, Discovering You, is about another of the Amos brothers, rod finally gets his story when India Sommer shows up.

Follow the link on each book cover to see the #bookdetails for that story.  If the book doesn't have a link, I just haven't read it yet!

When We Touch

When We Touch by Brenda NovakBook 0.5 - A Novella

When Lightening Strikes

When Lightening Strikes by Brenda NovakBook 1

When Snow Falls

When Snow Falls by Brenda NovakBook 2

When Summer Comes

When Summer Comes by Brenda NovakBook 3

Home to Whiskey Creek

Home to Whiskey Creek by Brenda NovakBook 4

Come Home to Me

Come Home to Me by Brenda NovakBook 6

This Heart of Mine

This Heart of Mine by Brenda NovakBook 8

A Winter Wedding

A Winter Wedding by Brenda NovakBook 9

Discovering You

Discovering You by Brenda NovakBook 10

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