Author Carly Phillips

Author Carly Phillips is a contemporary romance writer.  Her books are filled with lots of love and romance and steamy sex.  Her loves scenes are definitely medium to medium high with details.

Check out her site here.  She has a whole bunch of books that I haven't tackled yet.  Check out her list on her very well organized site.

The Serendipity Series

The Serendipity Series is about three brothers.  Ethan, Nash and Dare.  They live in Serendipity, New York.  It is a fun, upbeat, entertaining series about family and loving them anyway.


Carly Phillips' SerendipitySerendipity

Book 1, Serendipity, starts with Ethan.  He is the oldest and the one with lots of issues.  He had taken off years before due to an incident that landed him in jail.  He is back in Serendipity fixing up the mansion that is part of a scandal years ago.

The scandal involved Faith Harrington's father.  He stole money from many in town.  But she has nowhere to go when her marriage ends.  She heads to Serendipity to lick her wounds but she not has to deal with the townsfolk but she also has to face Ethan again.  

It's an entertaining story of love can conquer all!!


Carly Phillips' DestinyDestiny

Book 2, Destiny, starts Nash's story at Ethan's and Faith's wedding.  They find out that their father had an affair and they have a half-sis Tess, in book 1.  Now they get to meet her sister Kelly Moss.

Destiny definitely kicks in and the sparks fly between Nash and Kelly.


Carly Phillips' KarmaKarma

Book 3, Karma, finishes the series with Dare's story.

Dare is a cop.  When he was young, a boy was killed at a party that he went to.  The boy's death has always haunted him. 

Liza McKnight is always bailing her brother, Brian, out.  He was part of the boy's death and now he's stealing from the family's company.  She turns to Dare when she needs help and the 

I had a personal connection with Annie.  She is Nash's ex-wife.  In book 2, she has an episode of MS. I have MS too, and Carly Phillips did a good job of describing how it feels and how we, too, have dreams despite our disabilities.


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