The Mystic Creek Series
by Catherine Anderson

Book Covers for Mystic Creek Series by Catherine Anderson

This is a great new start for a new series.  Mystic Creek is a small town in Oregon and the people tend to stick together.  This little town has a history of bringing the right people together in just the right way.

This series is about the Sterling family.  Kate and Jeremiah Sterling have six children.  There's Jeb, who works with wood.  Then there's Ben who lives and breathes the rodeo livestock.  Next comes Barney.  He's the local deputy.  Jonas is the youngest and is studying psychology.  There are also the 2 girls to consider, Sarah and Adriel.  I can't wait to see what their stories are about.

Book 1, Silver Thaw, is about Jeb and Amanda Banning.

Book 2, New Leaf, is about Barney and Taffeta Brown.

Book 3, Mulberry Moon, is about Ben and Sissy Sue Bentley.

Book 4, Spring Forward, is about Crystal Malloy and Tanner Richards.  

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