Author Christie Craig

Author Christie Craig is a contemporary romance writer.  Her books are entertaining and light.  The plot line is not complicated but it is an entertaining read.

I would give this series a medium when it comes to the sensuality level.  The scenes are not crudely descriptive, and fit well within the plot line.

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Hotter in Texas Series

This book series is about 3 friends, all cops, that were framed for a crime/murder that they didn't commit.  Dallas O'Conner, Tyler Lopez and Austin Brook were exonerated but it caused them to be disillusioned with the system.  They leave the force and become PIs.  They open a small firm in a funeral home and even have a coffin in the front room that is the perfect bed for their English Bulldog, Bud.

Only in Texas

Christie Craig's Only in TexasOnly in Texas

Book 1, Only in Texas, is about Nikki Hunt and Dallas.  Nikki comes to him when she is wrongly accused of killing her ex.  Dallas decides to help her because when he needed help noone was there to help him.  There is instant attraction between the two.

There is another story going too.  Tony, brother to Dallas, and his estranged wife are attempting to make amends after the tragic death of their baby.

Blame it on Texas

Christie Craig's Blame it on TexasBlame it on Texas

Book 2, Blame it on Texas, is Tyler's story.  Zoe Adams starts to remember weird things after watching a cold case on tv.  She hires Tyler to try to find some answers.  Between the two of them, they solve a lot.

Texas Hold 'Em

Christie Craig's Texas Hold 'EmTexas Hold'em

Book 3, Texas, Hold'em, is Austin's story.  This is where the back ground story finishes.  The man that framed them in the beginning, is the half-brother to Leah Reece.  Leah is a vet and he has to charm her to get close to DeLuna.  

The story line is definitely a contemporary romance.  It is filled with fun, laughter and best of all hunky men to save their women.

Stand alone books by Christie Craig

Christie Craig's Shut Up and Kiss MeShut Up And Kiss Me

Christie Craig have other contemporary novels.  Check out her site for a full list of all her books.  This one is just as entertaining as the Hotter in Texas Series.

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