Dark Ghost by Christine Feehan

Dark Ghost by Christine FeehanBook 28

Dark Ghost is book 28 in the Dark Series.  

If you've been reading this series, you know that it is about the Carpathian men and the women that they find.  It's about how they come to a common ground between the two main characters in any of the stories.  

Each book follows the same basic plot line!  Man senses lady.  Has to make her his.  She's a modern woman and won't be dominated.  They must learn to compromise!!

This one is about Andre Boroi and Teagan Joanes.

He is a master vampire hunter and he's badly wounded.  He takes refuge deep in the Carpathian mountains to heal and rest.

Teagan is a geologist in search of a precious gem. 

She feels compelled to head to the Carpathian muontains to search for the gem there.

And of course, she finds Andre.  

This story is about how they come together.

There really isn't many other characters in this particular story.  It follows the same plot pattern as most of the rest of the Dark Series.  

So the story line is them finding a balance between the two main characters.

I have enjoyed the Dark Series.  I will admit that I'm getting bored of the same plot line happening in each book.  I have also noticed that each book is getting more and more detailed in the sexy scenes.  The first few of this series, they weren't as detailed.  I'm sure it's for publicity sake, I just think it's annoying!

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The Dark Series by Christine Feehan


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