The Dark Series by Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan's Dark Series is a series worth having.  I have read almost every single one of this book series!  Please know that she is coming out with all new covers for this book series, so not all of them will look the same.

Some facts you need to know about the series:

Each Carpathian male has to hear his lifemate's voice to be able to see color and experience emotions again.  When he finds her, they both have to adjust to being together.  All of the men are old-old-old fashioned with old school ideas and thoughts.  Each of the women are modern and independent.  Each story is how they adjust to each other and the compromising that they learn to do.

Dark Series is one of the largest romance book series available.  Take a look at this list and you will find 30 books.  And I don't see her stopping with this series any time soon.  Each book is written in such a way that you can tell there is more to come!!

Each of the stories follow the same basic plot line - guy senses girl, guy follows her to find her, girl balks at the idea of who he is, guy convinces her of his love, then he has to bring her over into his world.

Each guy is a gorgeous hunky Carpathian male.  Each girl is psychic in some way.  Each book has the two main characters pitted against each other to help each other change and become more.

Each story is filled with exquisite detail about the characters, about the places, about the scenery, about the people.  Christine Feehan paints beautiful pictures about the characters, where they live, how they love.  You can become part of the story due to how vivid her descriptions are.

While each book stands on its own, there is also a background plot going on.  All the main characters are in a race to save the Carpathian people and the Carpathian way of life.   This background plot is gradually built in each book, in some it is more pronounced than in others.  But as each story passes and you feel how each character adds to the community, you need to know how all this will end and if the evil vampires will eventually be annihilated.

Each one of these stories is beautifully written.  They can be read again and again.  They are that good.    

Dark Prince

Christine Feehan's Dark PrinceDark Prince

Book 1, Dark Prince, is about Mikhail Dubrinksy.  He is the Carpathian leader, The Prince, and he is alone until he hears Raven Whitney when he is at his lowest.  This story is about hope and finding the future that he has been craving.  Mikhail is the brother to Jacques in book 2 and father to Savannah in book 4.  His best friend and his First (his guardian/second in command), Gregori, is lifemate to his daughter, Savannah in book 4.

Dark Desire

Christine Feehan's Dark DesireDark Desire

Book 2, Dark Desire, is about Jacques and Shea O'halloran.  Jacques is brother to Mikhail.  He spends years in stuck in a coffin-like structure because he was caught by vampire hunters.  Shea is a doctor who doesn't know her own heritage, but is very different.  She 'hears' Jacques and is compelled to come to him.  This story is about redemption and finding your way.

Shea is instrumental in solving some of the medical issues that come up throughout the storyline.

Dark Gold

Christine Feehan's Dark GoldDark Gold

Book 3, Dark Gold, brings us some additional characters.  Alexandria Houton (and younger bro Joshua) and Aiden Savage.  He is the brother to Julian in book 5, Dark Challenge.

Dark Magic

Christine Feehan's Dark MagicDark Magic

Book 4, Dark Magic, is about Savannah and Gregori Daratrazanoff.  She is the daughter to Mikhail and Raven.  While children, especially female children, are rarely born to the couples, Savannah is a lucky one.  Gregori is a master healer and has known for many years that she was his.  He gives her time to grow up and be the magician that she wants to be but in the end, she must join with Gregori to save him.  

Gregori has several siblings, twins Lucien and Gabriel, Darius and Desari (these two were lost to the family during an attack)

Dark Challenge

Christina Feehan's Dark ChallengeDark Challenge

Book 5, Dark Challenge, is about Julian Savage and Desari.  He is brother to Aiden (book 3, Dark Gold).  She is sister to Gregori.  She is also part of a band called the Dark Trubadoors.  Julian is sent to find this singer, Desari, and protect her.  Little does he know that his future lies with her.  Barak, Darius (both from book 6, Dark Fire) and Dayan (book 12, Dark Melody) are part of this band.  

By this book, Mikhail, Gregori, Jacques, Julian and others have realized that they are in a fight for their very existence.  Not only has a band of humans become vampire hunters, but the actual vampires have started to band together. 

Dark Fire

Christine Feehan's Dark FireDark Fire

Book 6, Dark Fire, brings Darius' story.  He is brother to Gregori and Desari.  Darius had saved a group of children from a brutal attack on the Carpathian village when he was very young.  He takes them to a faraway country and raises them himself.

Tempest (Rusti) joins his crew when an ad was in the paper for a mechanic, he knows that he has found his mate.  She joins the crew of the Dark Trubadors.  This book also shares Sydil's story.  Syndil and Barak are a couple of the other kids that Darius escaped with and they realize they are supposed to be together.  This story is about healing and loving those around you.

Dark Dream

Christine Feehan's Dark NightsDark Nights - Dark Dream

Book 7, Dark Dream, is about Falcon.  Falcon was one of the Carpathian warriors that Vlad Dubrinksy (this is Mikhail's father who is only part of the before story)  sent out centuries ago to live a life of solitude and honor.  He encounters a group of children running for their lives with Sara Marten leading them.  All of the children have some sort of physic ability.  They keep the children.

She found a journal deep in some caves when she was young just before her father is killed.  It was Falcon's journal addressed to his lifemate, which it turns out to be Sara.  

Dark Legend

Christine Feehan's Dark LegendDark Legend

Book 8, Dark Legend, brings us back to the Daratrazanoff family, Gabriel.  He is twin to Lucien, book 9, Dark Guardian.  They fought as a team.  They were skilled hunters and renowned in battle.  Gabriel traps his brother Lucien because he thinks he is a vampire and they made a vow to destroy each other if one turned.  Then he feels his brother rising and has to destroy him once and for all.  

He encounters  Francesca on the way.  Francesca Del Ponce is a gifted healer and has been helping those in need for many years.  She knew that Gabriel was her lifemate many centries before and he didn't notice her so she lived alone long enough that she was choosing to walk into the sun when Gabriel finally shows up.

Dark Guardian

Christine Feehan's Dark GuardianDark Guardian

Book 9, Dark Guardian, is about Lucien, twin to Gabriel (book 8).  Lucien pretended to be a vampire for many centuries in order to keep his brother from turning.  At the end of book 8, he is badly injured and has to go to ground to heal.  Francesca tells him that his mate is alive in this lifetime and he has to find her as she is in great need of his protection.

He finds Jaxon Montgomery a very skilled cop.  She has been taught self-defense, weapons training, hiding and tracking from a very young age.  She also has a stalker after her.

Dark Symphony

Christine Feehan's Dark SymphonyDark Symphony

Book 10, Dark Symphony, takes us out of the small group of current characters.  Byron Justicano and Antoinette Scarletti.  He is a warrior alone and fighting to keep his honor.  She is an accomplished pianist.  Her music brings him to her and danger keeps him by her side as they solve who is after them.  He is best friends to Jacques in book 2, Dark Desire.  This book brings beautiful descriptions of music.

Dark Descent in the Anthology The Only One

Anthology The Only One with Christine Feehan's Dark DescentThe Only One - Dark Descent

Book 11, Dark Descent, is about Traian Trigovise and Joie Sanders.  She is of jaguar decent and can change into one.  

Dark Melody

Christine Feehan's Dark MelodyDark Melody

Book 12, Dark Melody, is Dayan's story.  He is the lead guitarist of the group, the Dark Troubadors.  Book 6, Dark Fire, has the other members of this band.  

Corrine Wentworth is a songwriter, pregnant, and on the run from those who killed her first husband.

Dark Destiny

Christine Feehan's Dark DestinyDark Destiny

Book 13, Dark Destiny, has another set of brothers joining the Carpathians.  Nicolea Von Shrieder and his brother, Vikirnoff (book 16).  Destiny is best friends with MaryAnn in book 18. 

Dark Hunger in the Anthology Hot Blooded

Dark Hunger is in the Anthology Hot Blooded

You will find this one on a seperate book page.  (I'm trying to make it that all the books have their own book page.)

You can find #bookdetails about Dark Hunger here.

Dark Secret

Christine Feehan's Dark SecretDark Secret

Book 15, Dark Secret, is about Rafael.  The De La Cruz brothers have large holdings all throughout the area.  Colby Jansen has been holding onto her ranch and her half-siblings (Paul and Ginny) with everything she has.  The brothers are claiming that her half-siblings belong to their family and should come stay with them.  But when Rafael meets Colby he wants her to be a part of the family too.

Dark Demon

Christine Feehan's Dark DemonDark Demon

Book 16, Dark Demon, brings us Vikirnoff Von Shrieder.  Bro to Nicolea (book 13).  Nataliya Shonski is a warrior fighting the vampires.  She is dragonseeker, doesn't know it at the beginning but comes to realize that she is twins with Razvan.  


Dark Celebration

Christine Feehan's Dark CelebrationDark Celebration

Book 17, Dark Celebration, is different than the rest of the books.  Instead of being about one couple, this book brings in many of the Carpathian couples and shows how they are banding together to fight against Xavier and at this point Razvan. 

Dark Possession

Christine Feehan's Dark PossessionDark Possession

Book 18, Dark Possession, has the second oldest De La Cruz brother, Manolito.  He first senses his lifemate while in the Carpathian Mountains.  He lures her to South America under the guise of helping a battered young woman (Jasmine, Juliette's younger sis (book 14)).  

MaryAnn Delaney is a dedicated counselor and is oblivious of the plans that Manolito has done to get her in his territory.  

She is best friends with Destiny in book 13.

Dark Curse

Christine Feehan's Dark CurseDark Curse

Book 19, Dark Curse, brings us Lara Calladine.  She is daughter to Razvan and it was because of his love for Lara that Razvan was so badly used by Xavier.  She escapes the ice caves with the help of her aunts Tatijana and Bronnie.  She lives her life free of Xavier but haunted with broken memories.  She heads to the Carpathian Mountains to find answers.  

Nicolas De La Cruz learns the hard way how just fragile she really is.  It is only through much growth can either of them make it together.  

Dark Slayer

Christine Feehan's Dark SlayerDark Slayer

Book 20, Dark Slayer, is about Ivory Malinov.  She is the only sister to the Malinov brothers that turned vampire centuries before.  She was thought to be long dead, chopped into pieces left to rot.  She spent centuries with Mother Earth healing her.  

Razvan was captured and tortured and thought to be the enemy for centuries among the Carpathians.  He was being held by Xavier and brutally tortured, used for insane experiments.  He is father to Skyler, Lara and countless others in Xavier's horrible plans.  Nataliya (book 16) is his twin.

They defeat Xavier in this book, finally!

Dark Peril

Christine Feehan's Dark PerilDark Peril

Book 21, Dark Peril, has Dominic going into enemy territory by ingesting the parasitic blood of a vampire.  This blood recognizes the other vampires.  He needs to know their plans and how to stop them.

Deep in the Amazon, Solange Sangria, a royal pureblood jaguar, plans to destroy the remaining shapeshifters from the hands of her own father.  She will stop the alliance with the vampires if it is the last thing she does.  

Both warriors come together to end this feud only to discover they might have a future for themselves. 

Dark Predator

Christine Feehan's Dark PredatorDark Predator

Book 22, Dark Predator, is the last of the De La Cruz brothers.  Zacarias is the oldest and the most dangerous.  Marguarita was thought to have betrayed his family and suffered the loss of her voice.  

This one is put together a bit different.  Because she can't talk, he doesn't know she is his lifemate.  It is only after a blood exchange that he realizes that she is not the enemy and is the only one that can save him.

Dark Storm

Christine Feehan's Dark StormDark Storm

Book 23, Dark Storm, has Dax locked in a volcano with the vampire Mitro.  Riley Parker, a descendant of Arabejila, comes to the South America to perform the ritual that her mother has been doing to keep the evil in the volcano.  She doesn't make it.  And Dax and Mitro emerge.  She is the lifemate to Dax and he must defeat Mitro in order to save her too.

Dark Lycan

Books 24, 25, and 26 are considered a trilogy within the Dark Series.  

Christine Feehan's Dark LycanDark Lycan

Book 24, Dark Lycan, begins a discussion to have an alliance between the Lycans and the Carpathians.  

Fenris Dalka comes home to the Carpathian Mountains with is bro.  He encounters Tatijana when she ventures out.  She had been trapped in the ice caves for centuries, now she is healed and yearns to explore the modern world.

Dark Wolf

Christine Feehan's Dark WolfDark Wolf

Book 25, Dark Wolf, is Skyler's story.  You first meet her in Dark Legend (book 8) where Gabriel and Francesca found her and protected her.  She is daughter to Razvan (book 20), her mother was a mage, and she comes from the Dragonseeker line.  She is already part Carpathian.  So she is powerful, young but powerful.  Her lifemate, Dimitri's been taken in book 24 and is being held captive.  

She takes it upon herself to rescue him with her friends Josef and Paul deep in the mountains.  With her extraordinary skills and being so young, she finds him.  It's getting out that is the hard part.

Dark Blood

Christine Feehan's Dark BloodDark Blood

Book 26, Dark Blood, is Zev and Bronnie's story.  He is a Lycan that became part Carpathian in book 25.  Bronnie (Branislava) is sister to Tatijana who was trapped in ice as dragons for centuries as slaves to Xavier.  She was found with her sister in book 19, Dark Curse, by Lara. 

Zev is badly injured at the end of Dark Wolf, but heals due to the fact that he is the last in his line of the lineage "Dark Blood", hence the title of the book.  So he is mixed all around.  Carpathian, Lycan, Dark Blood.  It makes for an interesting story base.  Branka, as he calls Branislava, tied herself to Zev in spirit.  So if he dies, so does she.

Okay, talk about adding tons to the plot line!!  Here is where you find out that Xavier is triplets with Xaviero and Xayvion.  They basically lived in secret so then they could perform their demented acts without being found out by anyone.  

Xavier, Xaviero and Xayvion are at the head of destroying the Carpathian, Jaguar, and Lycan races.  Each took one race and infiltrated himself into that race to destroy.  Very interesting and morbid.

In this story, all sorts of previous characters come in to show support for Zev and Branka.  The story line for their courtship is sweet and follows the same plot line as the rest.  Thoroughly enjoyable.

Dark Crime in the Anthology Edge of Darkness

Anthology Edge of Darkness with Christine Feehan's Dark CrimeDark Crime

I'll let you know when I've read this one!!

Dark Ghost

Dark Ghost has its own book page!!  Check out the #bookdetails here.

Dark Promises

Dark Promises has its own book page.  Check out the #bookdetails here.

In book 29, you find out about some ancient Carpathians that have been in the monastery that Aleksei had been in for many years.  They are desperate.  They need to find their lifemates.  With the help of Trixie's, Teagan's and Gabrielle's gifts, the ancients are given another chance at finding their lifemates.  We are introduced to Dragomir, Sandu, Benedek, Andor, and Ferro.  Each of them set out into the world to find their lifemates.

So you can know that this book series is not done yet.

Dark Carousel

Christine Feehan's Dark CarouselDark Carousel

August 2016


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