The Sea Haven Series
by Christine Feehan

The Drake Sisters

Magic in the WindMagic in the Wind
Twilight Before ChristmasTwilight Before Christmas
Oceans of FireOceans of Fire
Dangerous TidesDangerous Tides
Safe HarborSafe Harbor
Turbulent SeaTurbulent Sea
Hidden CurrentsHidden Currents

The Sisters of the Heart

Water BoundWater Bound
Spirit BoundSpirit Bound
Air BoundAir Bound
Earth BoundEarth Bound

Sea Haven is a place not only for secrets but a haven for those that keep them.  Christine Feehan's series, Sea Haven, is about a large family that have paranormal abilities and the lives they share.  In this family there are seven sisters, the Drake Sisters.  Each of the sisters are witches and have amazing powers of witchcraft.

Book 1, Magic in the Wind, is about the oldest sister, Sarah.  She lives in her clifftop home and encounters Damon Wilder seeking shelter.

Book 2, Twilight Before Christmas, has Kate Drake working along side Matt Granite, a local contractor.  They must battle the evil that is unleashed when the mill's foundation cracks.

Book 3, Oceans of Fire, has Abigail Drake fleeing into the arms of Aleksandr Volstov, an interpol agent, when she witnesses a murder.

Book 4, Dangerous Tides, has Ty Derrikk saving Libby Drake after she saved his.  Someone is after her and he won't let them win.

Book 5, Safe Harbor, is about Hannah Drake and Jonas Harrington.  

Book 6, Turbulent Sea, shares Joley Drake's gift of singing.  When her life is threatened, her bodyguard, Ilya Prakenskii, will not let anything happen to her.

Book 7, Hidden Currents, brings the youngest Drake sister, Elle.  This book pulls in all the sisters and concludes some of the plotlines.

The Sisters of Heart Series is four women who become sisters.  It is based in Sea Haven and are part of the community.  Rikki, in book 1, Water Bound, has an affinity for water and rescues Lev Prakenskii from the ocean.  Stefan Prakenskii does everything he can to protect Judith Henderson in book 2, Spirit Bound.  Maxim Prakenskii rescues Airianna Ridell from members of a shadowy cabal and keeps her for himself, in book 3, Air Bound.  In book 4, Earth Bound, Gavrill Parkenskii finds Lexi Thompson and falls under her spell.

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