Author Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan is an amazing, talented, wonderfully diverse romance author writing in the paranormal genre.  She is the Queen of Paranormal Romance!!

She's currently writing several completely different book series, all at once!  Each book series has a completely different feel with a captivating plot lines and unforgettable characters.  

I find it amazing that she's able to keep each one straight and able to add to the each of the book series.

Each of her book series has characters that all have some sort of paranormal ability.  It's fascinating to read how she can be so different in each book series.

Check out her site here.

The Torpedo Ink Series

Judgment Road

Judgment Road by Christine FeehanBook 1

Shadow Series

Shadow Keeper

Shadow Keeper by Christine FeehanBook 3

The Dark Series

Ghostwalker Series

Follow this link to read the #bookdetails this series.

Christine Feehan's Shadow GameShadow Game
Christine Feehan's Mind GameMind Game
Christine Feehan's Night GameNight Game
Christine Feehan's Conspiracy GameConspiracy Game
Christine Feehan's Deadly GameDeadly Game
Christine Feehan's Predatory GamePredatory Game
Christine Feehan's Murder GameMurder Game
Christine Feehan's Street GameStreet Game
Christine Feehan's Ruthless GameRuthless Game
Christine Feehan's Samurai GameSamurai Game
Christine Feehan's Vipor GameViper Game

Leopard Series

The men and women in this series can all shift.  Check out these #bookdetails!!

Anthology Fever with Christine Feehan's book 1: The Awakening and book 2: Wild RainThe Awakening and Wild Rain

Book 1 and Book 2 are in the anthology Fever.

Christine Feehan's Burning WildBurning Wild
Christine Feehan's Wild FireWild Fire
Christine Feehan's Savage NatureSavage Nature
Christine Feehan's Leopard's PreyLeopard's Prey
Christine Feehan's Cat's LairCat's Lair
Christine Feehan's Wild CatWild Cat

Sea Haven Series - Drake Sisters/Sisters of the Heart

Check out the book details of this book series.

Drake Sisters

Christine Feehan's Magic in the WindMagic in the Wind
Christine Feehan's Twilight Before ChristmasTwilight Before Christmas
Christine Feehan's Oceans of FireOceans of Fire
Christine Feehan's Dangerous TidesDangerous Tides
Christine Feehan's Safe HarborSafe Harbor
Christine Feehan's Turbulent SeaTurbulent Sea
Christine Feehan's Hidden CurrentsHidden Currents

Sisters of the Heart

Christine Feehan's Water BoundWater Bound
Christine Feehan's Spirit BoundSpirit Bound
Christine Feehan's Air BoundAir Bound
Christine Feehan's Earth BoundEarth Bound

Christine Feehan's stand-alone books

Christine Feehan does have a few actual stand-alone books that you can check out.  Here are a few of them:


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