Author Cindy Miles

Cindy Miles is a national best-selling author who writes not only in paranormal but also has several contemporary novels out.  She also write under the name of Elle Jasper.  

I have read only the paranormal ghost stories.

Paranormal Ghost Stories

This particular series from Cindy Miles is filled with gorgeous highland men that sweep their women away.  

This series is about men who have been cursed or have died and are ghosts.  

They walk the earth in hopes of finding their soulmate.  Each of these books are fun and spunky.  They are light and the story line is intriguing and interesting but not so complex that you can't understand where they are coming from.

I like the how Cindy Miles portrays her characters with old world standards and values.  There are no love scenes before marriage.  It fits with the time period and with themes in the plot line.  

Each story definitely reads on its own, but each subsequent book brings some of the previous characters in and lets you know how each is doing and what is happening in their lives.  

This paranormal series is just a plain enjoyable read.  Check out Cindy Miles' facebook fan page for more.

Spirited Away

Cindy Miles' Spirited AwayBook 1

Into Thin

Cindy Miles' Into Thin AirBook 2

Highland Knight

Cindy Miles' Highland KnightBook 3


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