Author C.J. Carmichael

I always love it when I find an author that actually is a good author.

C.J. Carmichael is an exciting new-to-me author.  She writes about life in the country!  It's a great new spin on cowboy stories!!  Love it!  Check out her site for a full list of her books.

Carrigans of the Circle C

C.J. Carmichael's Promise me, CowboyPromise me, Cowboy
C.J. Carmichael's Good TogetherGood Together
C.J. Carmichael's Close to Her HeartClose to Her Heart
C.J. Carmichael's Snowbound in MontanaSnowbound in Montana
C.J. Carmichael's A Cowgirl's ChristmasA Cowgirl's Christmas
C.J. Carmichael's A Bramble House ChristmasA Bramble House Christmas

The Carrigans of the Circle C is all about family.  Hawksley Carrigan has four daughters.  This book series is about those daughters, Sage, Mattie, Dani and Callan.

Book 1, Promise Me, Cowboy, is all about Sage.

Book 2, Good Together, is about Mattie.  Mattie is slammed with the demise of her marriage.  That she didn't see coming.  She is left with wondering what happened and how to pick up the pieces all on her own.  She had married Wes and moved onto his family ranch in order to raise their twin daughters.  Now that the girls are in college, she has come to realize that Wes has been pulling away from her for some time.  It throws her for a loop when he comes home one day to just pack up and leave with no real explanation why. 

It's a sweet story about picking up the pieces after life throws you a curve ball.  Especially when there is one who has always been there, is still there.

This one hit home with me as I have MS like Nat does.  Being diagnosed with something like MS definitely gives you a curve ball that you didn't expect.  While the story is not about Nat and him having MS, it is about accepting life for what it hands you and hoping for the best.

Book 3, Close to Her Heart, is Dani's story.  

Book 4, Snowbound in Montana, brings us Eliza Bramble's story.

Book 5, A Cowgirl's Christmas, is about Callan.

Book 6, A Bramble House Christmas, is about Finn and Willa.

As for the others, I will let you know when I have read them.

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