The K-9 Rescue Series by D.D. Ayres

Explosive Forces

D.D. Ayres' Explosive ForcesExplosive Forces

Explosive Forces is a K-9 Rescue Novel by D.D. Ayers.

It's a fun, easy read.

And that is exactly what this book is.  A fun, easy read.

Carly Reese thought she heard a dog whimpering.  At first, she is reluctant to check it out.  But when she hears it again, she decides to investigate.

And she's glad she did.  She finds a man, unconscious, with a dog tied next to him.  What she didn't expect was to see a fire start as she was standing there.

It takes all her strength, and with the help of the dog, to pull the man out of the room before the whole place goes up in smoke.

When Noah Glover finally wakes up, he's in the hospital having survived the fire.  What he doesn't realize is that he is the one being framed for the fire.

Even though Noah is being framed for his murder, Carly believes that he didn't set it.  They meet in secret because she is a witness to the fire.  

As they both do what they can to find the one responsible for the fire, they get to know each other, quickly.

Okay, I liked the story.  I liked how she used K-9 dogs.  But the story was not complete.  There were holes in the plot line that make it make no sense.  While I was able figure it out, it was frustrating.  I don't like reading a story that leaves you wondering about some things.  

I don't know if this is a part of series or not yet.  As soon as I find another one of her books, I'll let you know.

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