Author Dahlia West

Author Dahlia West writes contemporary romance.  Her stories are entertaining and definitely keep you up at night.  

The sensuality level for her books is definitely a medium.  She does go into detail, but the sex does not overpower the plot line. 

Rapid City Stories


Dahlia West's PreacherPreacher

This series starts out with Jack Prior being left for dead in the middle of nowhere.  Then the story jumps to Erin who is a struggling to set up her own equine business.  

You have no idea how these two very different stories could possibly intersect until he is driving away in a stolen vehicle.

Jack is a leader of a biker gang in Rapid City.  He has been betrayed by his own men and left for dead.  After he leaves and encounters Erin for the first time, he chooses to stick around because he has nowhere else to go.  

It's a story about healing, about learning to stand on your own feet.  And choosing to break away from a past that can only bring harm.  

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