Author Dakota Cassidy

Dakota Cassidy is an author that seems to be able to bring us several different storylines, from paranormal to contemporary to erotica.  She is a compelling writer, someone to definitely watch. Check out her site ´╗┐here.

I have only read a few books out this series, The Accidentals Series.

Accidentals Series

Dakota Cassidy has outdone herself with this fun, entertaining paranormal romance series.  The storyline is exciting and engaging, but not overly complicated.  I found them to be a fun read, that you can finish in a night.

She does go into enough detail in her love scenes that if you don't like that, don't bother.  But they fit with the plot line. 

The story line includes details about this Bobbie-Sue cosmetics.  More than I liked.

Dakota Cassidy's The Accidental WerewolfThe Accidental Werewolf

The Accidental Werewolf

Book 1, The Accidental Werewolf, is about Marty Andrews and Keegan Flaherty.  It starts out with Marty Andrews, Nina Blackman and Wanda Schwartz being acquainted because of Marty's involvement with Bobbie-Sue cosmetics.  The become reluctant friends.  

Marty is out walking her little dog, when she gets bitten by this monster dog.  Who happens to be a werewolf.  Keegan, who is the werewolf, comes to tell her what happened and help her adjust being one and they end up falling for each other.

Dakota Cassidy's Accidentally DeadAccidentally Dead

Accidentally Dead

Book 2, Accidentally Dead, is about Nina Blackman.  She goes to work for a dentist because she isn't making any money from Bobbie-Sue cosmetics and ends up getting bit by a patient.  Because of all the happenings with Marty, Nina goes to find her patient Greg Statleon and finds out that he is a vampire and she is becoming one.

Nina is reluctant to make the relationship work with Greg, but they do in the end.

Dakota Cassidy's the Accidental HumanThe Accidental Human
Dakota Cassidy's Accidentally DemonicAccidentally Demonic
Dakota Cassidy's Accidentally CattyAccidentally Catty
Dakota Cassidy's Accidentally Dead, AgainAccidentally Dead, Again
Dakota Cassidy's The Accidental GenieThe Accidental Genie
Dakota Cassidy's The Accidental Werewolf 2: Something About HarryThe Accidental Werewolf 2: Something About Harry
Dakota Cassidy's The Accidental DragonThe Accidental Dragon

Book 3, brings a whole new twist in The Accidental Human.  This one is about Wanda and Heath Jefferson.

Book 4,  Accidentally Demonic, is about Casey Schwartz and Clayton Gunnersson.

Book 5, Accidentally Catty, is about Katie Woods.

Book 6, Accidentally Dead, Again, is about Sam McLean and Pheobe Reynolds.

Book 7, The Accidental Genie, is about Jeannie Carlyle and Sloan Flaherty.

Book 8, The Accidental Werewolf 2: Something About Harry, is about Mara Flaherty and Harry Ralph Emerson.

Book 9, The Accidental Dragon, is about Mick Malone and Tessa Preston.

As I read this book series, I will let you know how they all connect.

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