Author Debbie Macomber

I love it when I make the connection to an author that I have been following for a long time.  Author Debbie Macomber is one of them.  She writes truly inspiring romances that really stick with long after you have finished.  She even has had several of her books turned into movies by Hallmark.  I love romance movies and I have seen several of hers!!  

Take a look at her site, it's an awesome site, well organized and branded.  And from a copywriter's point of view, a true example to follow.  So thanks Debbie.    Check it out

I would give her books a low to nil in the details in scenes area.  Hers are just sweet romances.

She has a ton of books on her site.  And I've only read a small handful of them.

The Dakota Series

The Dakota Series is a sweet series about small town life in Buffalo Valley.  

Dakota Born

Debbie Macomber's Dakota Born

It starts with Dakota Born, with Lindsay Snyder coming back to the small town where her grandparents used to live.  They still have a family home there as no one has bought the place.  No one has bought anything.  The town is dying.  When the town asks her to stay and teach school, she decides to risk it. 

When she meets Gage Sinclair, they butt heads from the beginning.  But in the end he is the love that she is looking for.  She breathes new life into the small town of Buffalo Valley.  

Dakota Home

Debbie Macomber's Dakota Home

Book 2, Dakota Home, brings us Lindsay's best friend Maddy to Buffalo Valley.  Maddy can't be a social worker anymore.  She is emotionally drained.  She buys up the local grocery from the old Hansen couple.  They want to retire.  She brings the old store back to life and, with her bubbly personality, becomes the new favorite of the whole town. 

She only seems to have eyes for Jeb McKenna.  Jeb has become a recluse ever since his accident where he lost his leg.  But when she gets caught in a blizzard and has to stay with him for 3 days, things heat up and leave them with life-long consequences.

Always Dakota

Debbie Macomber's Always Dakota

Book 3, Always Dakota, is about another rancher in Buffalo Valley.  Margaret Clemens is now on her own.  She knows more about being a rancher than what it takes to be a woman.  But that doesn't stop her from loving Matt Eilers.

While everyone told her that marrying Matt was a big mistake, she chooses to follow her heart and marries him anyway.  He never thought he would be a one-woman man, but as he spends time with Margaret, he learns that there are different types of love and being friends first is the greatest kind.  

Margaret owns the neighboring ranch near Jeb and Maddy.

Dakota Farm

I haven't had the privilege of reading this one yet.  I'll keep you posted.

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