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Romance Author Debbie Macomber could be called both a classic and a contemporary author.  She has well written stories that are engaging and fun.  

She also has a decent website.  Check it out.

She doesn't ever have many sexual details in her stories.  She is able to make her stories interesting without them.  I enjoy that.

While she has written quite a few books, I have only read these.

The Dakota Series

This is a fun series.  Check out the #book details about this series.

Dakota Born by Debbie MacomberBook 1
Dakota Home by Debbie MacomberBook 2
Always Dakota by Debbie MacomberBook 3
Dakota Farm by Debbie MacomberBook 4

Orchard Valley Series

The Orchard Valley Series is a 4-book series that Debbie Macomber has put into 2 books.

Click on each book cover to see the #bookdetails about each book!!


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