Author Dianne Duvall

Author Dianne Duvall is a paranormal romance author who dabbles in historical and medieval romance, with a bit of time-travel mixed in. 

One book is classified as medieval historical romance and ancient world romance!  Then another is called a time-travel romance.  Whereas the Immortal Guardians Series is classified as paranormal romance and a vampire thriller.


She's only written a handleful of books, but she's getting more and more popular.

Her books are intriguing and interesting and keep you captivated enough that you'll lose sleep to finish the book.  Then you'll dig to find the others in the series so you can read all the rest.

So far she has only two books series to her name.

And you need to know that both of these series are connected with characters and some details.

According to things I've ascertained, while one book series was published before the other, it wasn't necessarily the first series written.

So I'll start with that series.

You can check out her site here.

The Gifted Ones Series

The Gifted Ones Series is a medieval historical romance with paranormal and time-travel mixed in.  What it isn't is paranormal romance.

There are only two book in this series so far!  I'm sure there's more to come.

The Immortal Guardians Series

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