Author Dorothy Keddington

Author Dorothy Keddington is an author that I read many, many years ago.  She is an LDS author, so her sensuality levels are basically not there.  Her books are memorable and have stayed with me for more than 20yrs.  

She doesn't have a site, so here is her Facebook page.  She writes clean romances filled with intrigue and adventure.

Each of these books stand alone.  I know, this is a book series site, but she deserved a mention.


Dorothy Keddington's JayhawkJayhawk

Angela and Jay meet completely by chance.  He happens to be her best friend's cousin.  And Angela has come to spend time on her friend's ranch that she has heard so much about!  

But there's someone trying to frighten Jay.  After a frightful blowout of the truck's tires, they spend a eventful night walking in the moonlight.  And despite her best friend's objections, her and Jay spend most of the summer getting to know each other.

There is a mystery to solve and Jay has come back to solve his father's disappearance.  But there's someone who doesn't want him to find out the truth.  And they will stop at nothing from Jay finding out what happened.

This is a sweet, tender romance that I can still remember years later!!

Return to Red Castle

Dorothy Keddington's Return to Red CastleReturn to Red Castle

Missy finally comes back to Trail's End after several years.  She doesn't realize that not only is the mountain pulling her home but Jesse Chisholm has been waiting for her to grow up.

This is a sweet story about forgiving yourself of youthful choices and realizing that the love you craved was right in front of you.

Shadow Song

Dorothy Keddington's Shadow SongShadow Song

This one is sweet story about Megan Collier and Cole McLean.  She is a journalist and he is a famous musician.  

They meet by chance, not knowing that they were to meet later, and don't start off on the right foot. 

It is a very touching story of learning to accept each other for who we are and not for what we do.  

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