Author Elizabeth Vaughan

Elizabeth Vaughan writes mostly fantasy romance and science fiction.  Her books are mixed with a high dose of fantasy and a little bit of romance.

She doesn't really have a site but she does have a full listing of her books here.

Epic of Palins Series


Elizabeth Vaughan's Dagger Star

Book 1, Dagger-Star, is also called Red Gloves because the main character always wears red gloves.  And she goes by that name too. 

In this story Red meets up with Bethral and they become sword-sisters.  Both were broken and beaten from life.  This story is how they learned to heal, not only as sisters but Red with Josiah Athelbryght.

White Star

Elizabeth Vaughan's White Star

Book 2, White Star, is about the Priestess Evelyn and Orrin Blackhart.  She has the power to heal.  She sees the good in Orrin.  

This story is about seeing the good in others and how those can change when they have someone they love.

Destiny's Star

Elizabeth Vaughan's Destiny's Star

Book 3, Destiny's Star, is about Bethral and Ezren Silvertongue.  She rescued him from the slavers in book 1.  They secretly loved each other in book 1 and finally expressed it in this one.  I enjoyed the commitment that you feel in this one.

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