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Romance Author Gena Showalter has a mix of paranormal, adventure, mystery and suspense.  Her Lords of the Underworld Series is fun, entertaining and memorable.  

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Lords of the Underworld

Are you looking to read about a group of men that are drop dead gorgeous but also have soft hearts.  Gena Showalter's book series, Lords of the Underworld, is full of them.  

Each of these men were warriors created by the Greek gods.  They fought, killed, protected.  But when they stole the dimOuniak, a sacred box housing demons so vile and destructive that they could not even be trusted to Hell, and opened it, they leashed chaos and destruction upon the world.  

The king of the gods stepped in and cursed each of the warriors with a demon, that was kept inside the box, inside him as punishment.

Each story is about these warriors.  After this first war, Maddox, Lucien, Reyes, Aeron, Paris, and Torin stayed together because they wanted peace and headed to Budapest.  Sabin, Gideon, Amun, Stider, Kane, and Cameo, wanted to continue fighting especially after the death of Baden, keeper of Distrust.  

At the end of book 1, Darkest Night, the warriors/Lords decide to join together in search of the sacred box.

Each story follows the same basic plot line.  The warrior encounters the girl, feels a connection that can't be ignored, wants to claim her as his, is riddled with whatever his demon is, and then has to figure out how to convince the girl that they should be together.  The background plot keeps building and adding details to make the story line more and more complicated.

Darkest Fire, prequel 

Gena Showalter's Darkest FireDarkest Fire

This is a bonus story, a prequel to the whole series.  You don't need to read it to understand the story line.

Darkest Night, book 1

Gena Showalter's Darkest NightDarkest Night

Maddox has the demon of Violence.  Every night he gets killed by Reyes and Lucien takes his spirit to hell.  He resurrects in the morning.   

Ashlyn Darrow can hear conversations in any place that she stands.  And she has come to Budapest to find the men that might be able to help her.  She finds a whole lot more with Maddox.  And a way to break the curse.

Initially she works for the Hunters, not really knowing what they do and the evil they are, but when she realizes all that the Hunters have done, she sides with Maddox and fights them.

As part of the story line, there was a war between the Greeks and the Titans.  The Greeks were the ones that basically left the warriors alone and governed from afar.  But when they fought again, the Titans won, and they started issuing orders that don't make a lot of sense and they are getting involved with the warriors more than the Greeks were.  

Cronus, a king of the gods, and the Captain of the Guard plays a factor in book 2, by taking the All-Key from Anya.  He comes to earth to watch the warriors and the take the artifacts from them.

Darkest Kiss, book 2

Gena Showalter's Darkest KissDarkest Kiss

Lucien has the demon of Death.  He collects spirits and takes them to either heaven or hell.  He can transport from one place to another with just a thought.

Anya, a goddess of anarchy, first showed up in book 1 to help Ashlyn and Maddox, but chaos follows her.  She has had her eye on Lucien ever since she started spying on the warriors.

Lucien scarred himself because of his first experience with love.  He vows to never let himself love again.  But when Anya keeps coming around, he can't seem to keep that vow.  

Together they find one artifact, the Cage of Compulsion, that will help to find the dimOuniak.  And with a little ingenuity and declarations of love, they break Lucien's curse and are able to be together.

Darkest Pleasure, book 3

Gena Showalter's Darkest PleasureDarkest Pleasure

Reyes has the demon of Pain.  He has to inflict pain, thru cutting or breaking his bones, in order to appease his demon.  

Ever since Danika Ford showed up in book 1, he hasn't been able to forget her.  And she has been on the run from Aeron, the demon of Wrath, since he was given orders to kill her.

She can see into heaven and hell in her dreams.  She is the All-Seeing-Eye.  She has been haunted by nightmares of the warriors and the war between the Greeks and the Titans.  Reyes helps her to manage those nightmares, and she helps him manage his need for pain.

During Darkest Pleasure, Paris, keeper of Promiscuity, encounters his woman.  She is a Hunter.  He gets captured and she inadvertently helps him to escape.  During the escape she gets shot and dies.  He starts to make a deal with Cronus to bring her back to life and to be with him.  Cronus makes him choose, his friend Aeron, who is consumed with the bloodlust to kill Danika or bring Sienna back.  Paris chooses Aeron.  The bloodlust leaves Aeron and Danika's life is spared.  But this leaves Paris in a state of mourning.  He doesn't deal well and he changes from a fun, loving personality to dark.  

Darkest Prison, bonus story

Gena Showalter's Darkest PrisonDarkest Prison

Darkest Prison is a bonus story.

Darkest Whisper, book 4

Gena Showalter's Darkest WhisperDarkest Whisper

Sabin has the demon of Doubt.  He has the ability to send doubts into any mind that he is around.  

When they are searching for the some artifacts in Egypt, they find a group of women being held captive by the Hunters and being used as incubators for their children.  Gwendolyn is one of the captives.  Sabin takes one look at her and knows that she is his.  But he has to fight his doubts too.

Gwen is half Harpy, half angel, or so she thinks.  She has amazing powers but is riddled with doubts of her own.  She has always been timid and never had the right motivation to be more.  Sabin helps her to be the woman that she is meant to be.

Gwen's sisters, Kaia, Taliyah, and Bianka, all Harpies, join the story line here.  

Gideon gets tortured badly and then rescued by Gwen and Sabin at the end of this book.

The background plot has gotten complicated by book 4.  They find out that Galen, keeper of Hope, has been leading the Hunters all this time.  He was with them when they opened Pandora's Box and they thought he was a friend.  Turns out that both the man and the demon are evil.  

The Hunters have been impregnating women to create an army of children with special abilities to help fight the warriors.  They are able to save a few children and find proper homes for them.  

Unfortunately Galen gets away because Gwen can't see him captured, not yet.  He is her father.  She is half Harpy, half demon.  This throws her and in a moment of weakness, she lets Galen go.

They also find out that there are many more possessed with demons from the box.  The prisoners at the time of the first war, were also used to house demons.  Now the Lords have to find them too.

Heart of Darkness - Darkest Angel

Anthology Heart of Darkness with Gena Showalter's Darkest AngelHeart of Darkness - The Darkest Angel

Lysander and Bianka's story.  

Bianka is sister to Gwen in book 4.  She is a Harpy as well.  

Bianka, Taliyah and Kaia are Gwen's older sisters.


Into the Dark, bonus story

Gena Showalter's Into the DarkInto the Dark

This book has three bonus stories.  

The prequel book, Darkest Fire.  

The Amazon's Curse which is a tale of Atlantis.  

And the Darkest Prison.

Darkest Passion, book 5

Gena Showalter's Darkest PassionDarkest Passion

Aeron has the demon of Wrath.  He is one of Lords that has wings.  He knows that he has an angel watching his every move.  Olivia has given up everything to be with Aeron.  She endures horrible pain and sadness until Aeron gets his head on straight and realizes that he loves her and that she really loves him.  

Lysander in bonus book, The Darkest Angel, plays a part in what happens to both Olivia and Aeron.

They both have to sacrifice something to be together.

Darkest Lie, book 6

Gena Showalter's Darkest LieDarkest Lie

Gideon has the demon of Lies.  He can't speak the truth otherwise he is in excruciating pain.  So everything he says is sarcasm to hide the truth.  All the Lords learn Gideon-speak.

Darkest Secret, book 7

Gena Showalter's Darkest SecretDarkest Secret

Amun has the demon of Secrets.  He can divine secrets by touching.  He becomes haunted by the secrets that he takes.  He chooses to stay quiet because when he speaks the secrets come out.

Darkest Surrender, book 8

Gena Showalter's Darkest SurrenderDarkest Surrender

Strider has the demon of Defeat.  He has to win at the fights they have or he is in excruciating pain.

Darkest Seduction, book 9

Gena Showalter's Darkest SeductionDarkest Seduction

Paris has the demon of Promiscuity.   He has to have sex with anyone often.  But he can't have sex with the same girl twice.  

He first encountered Sienna in book 3 and is amazed that such a plain girl could evoke his demon more than once.  

But he chooses to help his friend Aeron instead and has been lost for several books.  She was killed in book 3, then he bargained to have her brought back but in the end chose his friend instead.

Darkest Craving, book 10

Gena Showalter's Darkest CravingDarkest Craving

Kane has the demon of Disaster.  Things break, burst, fall out the sky just by being near him.

Darkest Touch, book 11

Gena Showalter's Darkest TouchDarkest Touch

Torin has the demon of Disease.  He can't touch anyone because he transfers diseases, causing epidemics.  He stays at the Budapest fortress, keeping the computers and surveillance up and running.


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