Author Genevieve Jack

I always enjoy finding a new author.  Genevieve Jack writes paranormal romance.  She is a good writer.  She writes in first person too.  For me that is not an easy task. 

She does get a bit detailed in her love scenes but they don't overpower the plot line.

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The Knight Games Series

Genevieve Jack's The Ghost and the GraveyardThe Ghost and the Graveyard

Book 1, The Ghost and the Graveyard, starts out with Grateful moving into a rent free place that is right beside a graveyard, hence the title.

At first things seem normal.  But then things start moving when she didn't move them.  She brushes things off until she meets her neighbor, who happens to be the caretaker of the graveyard next door.  He tells her that the house is most likely haunted.

She doesn't believe him at first but then she meets Logan.  What doesn't help is that she is attracted to both Rick and Logan.  But one is keeping a secret and the other doesn't remember who he is.  

It's a fun read.  Definitely a great start to a new series.

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