Author Helen Conrad

Author Helen Conrad is a contemporary romance author whose stories are filled with a western theme.  So that means cowboys, ranches, horses and racing.  All the great ingredients to a tantalizing western romance.

She's a competent writer and has a way of pulling you into the story.  The characters are well-written along with a storyline that makes you wanting and willing to read the next page.

She does have sexy scenes in her stories, but they aren't crude or distasteful.  They are easily skipped if that's what you do.

Helen Conrad doesn't have her own website, but you can see a list of her books on Fantastic Fiction.  Check it out here.

The Destiny Bay Series - the Ranchers 

Native Silver by Helen ConradBook 1
Destiny Ranch by Helen ConradBook 2
Sweet Desperado by Helen ConradBook 3

While each book is sold on its own, the first three books in this series is also sold in a box set.  Here's the pic for that box set:

This is how I found this series.  So you'll find a page with the whole box set instead of the individual book pages.  Take a look here.

You can also click on the book covers for #bookdetails for each book.

The Ranchers Box Set Books 1-3 of the Destiny Bay Series by Helen ConradBooks 1-3
Stealing Shane's Girl by Helen ConradBook 4
Luck Be a Lady by Helen ConradBook 5
Don't Tell Me You Love Me by Helen ConradBook 6

She also sells books 4-6 in another box set.  Here's the pic for that box set:

Click here to see the #bookdetails for books 4-6 of the Destiny Bay Romances - The Ranchers Box Set 2.

You'll find a link when I've had the chance to read this box set.

The Ranchers Box Set Books 4-6 of the Destiny Bay Series by Helen ConradBooks 4-6
Maggie's Got a Secret by Helen Conrad

Not sure where this particular book falls into the series! 

I'll let you know after I've had a chance to read it!

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