Author Iona Findley

I love it when I find a new-to-me author.  Iona Findley is a simple read but definitely a keeper.  Her first book is available from Bookbub for free.  Love it when I find that.  She is a good author, decent plot line.  Definitely makes me want to get the other books.  She is an author that I look forward to reading more of.

Check out her site, it is well organized and bright. 

The Hero's Heart Series

Iona Findley's Opening HeartsOpening Hearts
Iona Findley's Joining HeartsJoining Hearts
Iona Findley's Risking HeartsRisking Hearts
Iona Findley's Evolving HeartsEvolving Hearts

Book 1, Opening Hearts, starts the series with Sam and Jessalyn.  Jessalyn isn't getting any younger, and when she realizes she is pregnant by a chance encounter, she is left with some tough choices.

Sam is a risky smoke jumper and a firefighter.  He has no plans to be a father.  Fate has other plans!!  Love it!

I will let you know about these ones asap.

Book 2, Joining Hearts, brings in Jake and Hope.  Jake is a pilot and a friend of Sam's.

Book 3, Risking Hearts, tells Zoe and Marcus.  Marcus is Sam's brother from book 1.

Book 4, Evolving Hearts, shares where Andy and Amy have come from and how they repair what they had.

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