Dark Lover by JR Ward

Dark Lover by JR WardBook 1

Dark Lover is the 1st book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward.

As this book was published in 2005, there are several book covers that have been reissued for this book.

This book cover is the most current one and the one on her website, whereas the others were found on elsewhere!!

As this book is the beginning of a book series, you will find that this book is more than just about the two main characters.

It's also about the men that are in the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the problems and issues that they all have.

You will find that these books are closely connected with the characters in all of the book, with one as the main viewpoint character for that book.

So the main characters for this book are Wrath and Beth Randall.  

Wrath is the king of the vampires and the last full blood vampire.  He's also blind, hence he's called the Blind King!

2005 Paperback Edition for Dark Lover by JR Ward2005 Paperback Edition

Elizabeth "Beth" Randall is the daughter of Darius, comrade to Wrath, only she doesn't know it.

She's half human, half vampire and is about to go through her own transformation even if she has no idea about it.

Darius pleads to Wrath for him to watch out for her.  At first, he says no.  But when Darius is killed in a car bombing, Wrath then feels obligated to go find her and to at least help her go through her transformation.

And then this opens a whole new world for Beth.  She had no idea that she was half human/vampire, but she did know that something was up as her health was not doing good.

As a journalist, she's inquisitive and curious so when faced with this new world, she gives it a chance, even though it scares the crap out of her.

And that means putting herself in Wrath's company a lot.

Now Wrath, who is supposed to be the king of the vampire, isn't actually being a king.  He's just being a warrior.  He hasn't wanted to lead the vampires at all.  So for centuries, he's just existed instead of lived.

2005 Kindle Edition for Dark Lover by JR Ward2005 Kindle Edition

But when he meets Beth, he feels a pull towards her that he doesn't understand.  And it scares him.

As they battle the lessers, he has to keep her alive and finally he gives in to the feelings that he has for her.

Know that they fall into bed when they first meet, despite not knowing each other very well.  The chemistry is strong between them.  And that means that there are several sexy scenes that do have some details in them.

I found the story to be about the beginning of the series as well as being about Wrath and Beth.

You're introduced to each of the characters that are a part of this brotherhood.

2007 UK Paperback Edition and 2011 Kindle Edition for Dark Lover by JR Ward2007 UK Paperback and 2011 Kindle Edition

You meet Rhage (book 2), Zsadist (book 3), Vishous (book 5), Phury (book 6) and Tohrment (book 10).

We also find that there are some humans that join the ranks of the vampires.  Butch gets his own story in book 4!

Please note that while Darius was killed right at the beginning, he comes back in the form of another and then gets his own story in book 8.

So this book is filled with a ton of information about the series as a whole.  And what the Brotherhood is meant for.

I found the storyline about Wrath and Beth to be only a part of it and not the main part.

You'll find book series info when you go back to the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series page!

But if you want to check out the next book in the series, check out book 2, Lover Eternal, where we can read Rhage's story!

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