Author Jude Deveraux

Jude Deveraux is in class all her own.  She has written countless books that are endearing, entertaining and unforgettable.  Most of her books are contemporary in feel.  Some are historical and she even has some that are time-travel romances.  

She is an amazing author.  She is a master storyteller.  Check out her site.

Jude Deveraux has written a whole bunch of books, but it is only the latest series that is actually a consecutive book series.  When you read the Montgomery/Taggart Series, the books stand more on their own then they follow each other.  Each book is interesting and fun to read but the characters are not heavily in the other books.

Whereas if you read the Edilean Series, you will find that they do follow each other closely. The characters and the background plot is growing and building.  

I would call her sensuality level to be a medium to low.  She doesn't go into detail in each scene, sometimes you are left to your imagination. Other times, she does go into some detail.  They fit with the plot line and don't overpower it.

The Nantucket Brides Trilogy

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Edilean Series

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Jude Deveraux's Lavender MorningLavender Morning
Jude Deveraux's Days of GoldDays of Gold
Jude Deveraux's Scarlet NightsScarlet Nights
Jude Deveraux's PromisesPromises
Jude Deveraux's The Scent of JasmineThe Scent of Jasmine
Jude Deveraux's HeartwishesHeartwishes
Jude Deveraux's Moonlight in the MorningMoonlight in the Morning
Jude Deveraux's Stranger in the MoonlightStranger in the Moonlight
Jude Deveraux's Moonlight MasqueradeMoonlight Masquerade
Jude Deveraux's Change of HeartChange of Heart

The Montgomery/Taggart Series

While I haven't read this entire series, I included all the book covers to show you where my favorite book fits in this series.  Check it out!!

Jude Deveraux's The Black LyonThe Black Lyon
Jude Deveraux's The DuchessThe Duchess
Jude Deveraux's The TemptressThe Temptress
Jude Deveraux's The RaiderThe Raider
Jude Deveraux's Mountain LaurelMountain Laurel
Jude Deveraux's Sweet LiarSweet Liar
Jude Deveraux's WishesWishes
Jude Deveraux's The PrincessThe Princess
Jude Deveraux's EternityEternity
Jude Deveraux's Someone to LoveSomeone to Love
Jude Deveraux's HeiressThe Heiress
Jude Deveraux's The AwakeningThe Awakening
Jude Deveraux's The InvitationThe Invitation
Jude Deveraux's High TideHigh Tide

Jude Deveraux's stand-alone books and anthologies

She has a ton of stand alone books that are just as good as any book series book!  She has also included a book or two of hers in an anthology!  

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