The Against Series by Kat Martin

The Against Series by Kat Martin is also called the Raines of Wind Canyon Series as it starts out being about the Raines brothers.

This series is a romantic suspense series that is about a group of men that are closely related, by family as well as associated by friendship and work.

All the men are wonderful dominating and gorgeous men that find the women that will compliment their lives and their hearts.

This is a great series filled with intriguing characters and exciting plotlines that will keep you entertained and enchanted.

Her books do have sexy scenes that you need to watch out for and they are detailed enough that you need to be aware of them. 

This series starts out with the Raines brothers, Jackson, Devlin, and Gabe.

Book 1, Against the Wind, is Jackson's story.  He was in lust with Sarah Allen in high school.  Now that she's back in town and in terrible danger, he has to help.

Book 2, Against the Fire, brings us Gabe's story.  He meets Mattie Baker when a young boy is setting fires to one of his constructions sites.

Book 3, Against the Law, is Devlin's story.  He's hired by Lark Delaney to find her sister's baby, and sparks fly!!

Book 4, Against the Storm, brings us new characters into the storyline.  This one is about Trace Rawlins and Maggie O'Connell.

Book 5, Against the Night, has Johnnie Riggs and Amy Brewer as the main characters.  Johnnie is a PI and Amy has infiltrated a strip club to find her missing sister.  Together they unravel a lot more then they first thought.

Book 6, Against the Sun, is about Jake Cantrell and Sage Dumont.

Book 7, Against the Odds, is about Sabrina Eckhart and Alex Justice.

Book 8, Against the Edge, is about Ben Slocum and Claire Chastian.

Book 9, Against the Mark, is about Haley Warren and Tyler Brodie.

This series is connected to the Brodies of Alaska Series with the characters being related!!

Against the Wind

Kat Martin's Against the WindBook 1

Against the Fire

Kat Martin's Against the FireBook 2

Against the Law

Kat Martin's Against the LawBook 3

Against the Storm

Kat Martin's Against the StormBook 4

Against the Night

Kat Martin's Against the NightBook 5

Against the Sun

Kat Martin's Against the SunBook 6

Against the Odds

Kat Martin's Against the OddsBook 7

Against the Edge

Kat Martin's Against the EdgeBook 8

Against the Mark

Kat Martin's Against the MarkBook 9

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