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Kat Martin

The Against Series/
Raines of Wind Canyon

Kat Martin's Against Series is a contemporary romance about a group of men that are all strong men with dominating personalities and compelling women that come beside them.  This is a good series.  Very intriguing.  

Her love scenes are detailed but not so vulgar as to ruin the story line.  

Books 1, 2, and 3 are closely related as they are about 3 brothers. 

Against the Wind

Kat Martin's Against the WindAgainst the Wind

Against the Wind is about Jackson Raines and Sarah Allen.  Sarah comes to Jackson asking for help to find her daughter, Holly.  They fight together to take down the bad guys and save Holly.

Against the Fire

Kat Martin's Against the FireAgainst the Fire

Book 2, Against the Fire, is about Gabriel Raines and Mattie Baker.  They meet when a boy is accused of setting fires on Gabriel's construction sites.  She learns all about her passionate side as they get to know each other. 

Against the Law

Kat Martin's Against the LawAgainst the Law

Book 3, Against the Law, brings in Devlin Raines and Lark Delaney.  As Lark's sister dies, she asks her to find the baby that she gave up.  Lark does by hiring Devlin, who is an investigator, to find her.  In the end they find more than they bargained for and even found each other.

Against the Storm

Kat Martin's Against the StormAgainst the Storm

Book 4, Against the Storm, has more characters coming to the front.  This one is about a good friend and someone they call on the help them out.  Trace Rawlins is owns a security firm and helps the Raines brothers out. 

In this story, Trace is hired to find a stalker following Maggie O'Connell.  She's a famous photographer.  They both have lots of secrets and they work together to unravel them.

Against the Night

Kat Martin's Against the NightAgainst the Night

Book 5, Against the Night, has Johnnie Riggs and Amy Brewer as the main characters.  Johnnie is a PI and Amy has infiltrated a strip club to find her missing sister.  Together they unravel a lot more then they first thought.

I'll let you know when I've read these ones!!

Kat Martin's Against the SunAgainst the Sun
Kat Martin's Against the OddsAgainst the Odds
Kat Martin's Against the EdgeAgainst the Edge
Kat Martin's Against the MarkAgainst the Mark

Book 6, Against the Sun, is about Jake Cantrell and Sage Dumont.

Book 7, Against the Odds, is about Sabrina Eckhart and Alex Justice.

Book 8, Against the Edge, is about Ben Slocum and Claire Chastian.

Book 9, Against the Mark, is about Haley Warren and Tyler Brodie.


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