Against the Sky by Kat Martin

Against the Sky by Kat MartinBook 2

Against the Sky is the 2nd book in the Brodies of Alaska Series by Kat Martin.

This book is about Nick Brodie and Samantha Hollis.

Nick quit his job as a homicide detective because he no longer could handle the murder and evil that he encountered when he was doing that job.

So he is taking a hiatus because he is dealing with a bad case of burnout and he needs to figure out what he wants to do with his life.

His brother Rafe buys him a ticket to Las Vegas to see the sights.

And it's there that he rescues Samantha from a drunken idiot.  And they hit it off, spending the rest of the time that they have in Vegas together, not realizing that they created something while they were there.

There was an instant attraction between them, so after several weeks have gone by he invites her to come and see Alaska.  She takes this opportunity to get to know him as she has just discovered that she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, a mystery is brewing right in Nick's backyard.  His young neighbor Jimmy just lost his father, but he doesn't think it was a heart attack.  He thinks his dad was killed.  

At first, Nick doesn't put any stock into Jimmy's claim, that is until he is abducted and held in a trunk for the better part of a day - just to scare him.  When Jimmy comes back and tells Nick what happened, he knows that he needs to help the boy find out what happened.

What follows then is a fast-paced, thrilling story filled with car chases, shoot outs, the bad guys getting killed and basically Nick stirring up enough trouble that he lands in hot water with not only the local police (whom he used to work with) but also with the FBI!!!

And it's during this investigating that Samantha and Nick really get to know each other.  Because Samantha is in marketing and is adept at doing research, she's the one that finds things online to help them discover who is who and what might be happening.

And Nick finds that he's pretty good at the investigating part of things.

Okay, so A LOT more happens in the storyline.  There are some really scary moments and even some sad ones!

Ones like: she miscarries the baby.  Causes a few scenes where they characters are rightfully heartbroken.

Another like: a big Russian goes after Samantha and Nick shoots him and saves her life.

So the story is filled with lots of thrilling action that keeps you turning pages to find out what happens.

There are several sex scenes that you need to be aware of.  And they are fairly detailed, but you can skip them and not miss any of the plot line, if that's what you do.

This was an enjoyable story.  They get married at the end, so you read about a whole bunch of other characters from other books and get to see how they are doing.

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