Against the Wild by Kat Martin

Against the Wild by Kat MartinBook 1

Don't be fooled to think that Against the Wild is part of the Against Series, also by Kat Martin

Against the Wild is the 1st book in The Brodies of Alaska Series, which is a spin off from the Against Series.  And they do have overlapping characters in them!

This story is about Dylan Brodie and Lane Bishop.

Dylan and Lane meet through his cousin Tyler when he went to his wedding.  They had an instant attraction.

Lane then comes to Alaska to help Dylan remodel his 1930s fishing lodge on Eagle Bay, deep in Alaskan territory.

She reluctantly takes the job because she felt an instant attraction to Dylan when she first met him.  Now that she is past her fiance's death, she feels ready to move onto a new relationship.

She heads to Alaska with the thought in mind of finding out if there is anything to the attraction that she felt.

As in interior designer and an artist, Lane helps to make the lodge to be confortable and functional.

Dylan bought the lodge hoping to turn it into a retreat for friends and family.  As well as a vacation get-away for those that want to experience Alaska.

But several things get in the way of making that happen.  

First, the lodge seems to be haunted.  And after Lane sees a ghost, they both hear a child crying, and a rocking chair moving, they know that something is happening in the lodge that needs to be figured out.

Together, they launch an investigation into the history of the lodge to find out what has happened and maybe find out why.  

They uncover a clever plot to scare them out of the lodge by some of the locals.  With the help of the Elders, these kids are confronted and the mystery is solved.

But more happens in the story than just that.

Caleb, Dylan's friend and partner in the lodge, gets arrested for a murder he didn't commit.  Dylan and Lane make it their personal mission to find out what happened and who really did commit the murder!!

And that brings us another issue that they end up having to deal with.

Someone is stalking Lane.  This person followed her up to Alaska and is planning something sinister.

So all of these different events are happening simultaneously in the storyline.  You see Dylan and Lane work together to find the answers to the problems they have.

As as they investigate, they grow closer together.  Near the beginning of the storyline, they had decided to not fight the attraction to each other and slept together.

This first scene is the one with more details than the rest.  Easily skipped over is wanted.  Their romance is a bit over the top because they have this intense attraction for each other. 

It sounds more like lust than love but according to the story, they learn to love each other while they are sleeping together and investigating the different issues that they have.

This makes it a fast-paced, thrilling and intense story.  You are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens and how things get resolved!!

And like every romance, they have issues that come up right at the end that make it seem as if they will not make it.

And of course, because it is a romance, it does have the happily ever after.  What's different in this story is is that it is Dylan's beautiful daughter that helps them both to see that they can be happy.

Oh, and there's a bit of the story wrapped around the daughter as well.

This is definitely an engaging romance story worth reading.

Check it out!

Don't forget to check out Dylan's brothers' stories.  Books 2 and 3 are about Nick and Rafe!!

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