Beyond Control by Kat Martin

Beyond Control by Kat MartinBook 1

Beyond Control is the 3rd book in the Texas Trilogy by Kat Martin.

This is where Josh Cain gets his story. 

If you remember, he's mentioned in book 1 and book 2 but doesn't really make an appearance.

He's come to Texas to find peace from the war that still plagues him.  As an injured vet, he's found solace in ranch living.  Taking care of his horses and the few cattle he has is all he wants to do.

But when Tori Ford comes looking for work, and convincing him to give her a chance, he knows he's sunk.

He gives her a chance, but it's not without regret and pain.  She's attractive but has too many problems to deal with.

He lets her stay anyway.  And even though she finds some element of peace, she knows that her ex is still out there looking for her.

You see, she's on the run from her fiance who beat her till she ended up in the hospital.  And no matter where she ends up, he finds her.

So they settle into some sort of routine on the ranch.  And even though things starts to happen, he starts to like having her there along with her little daughter.

Both her and little Ivy begin to trust Josh and they enjoy being at the ranch.  Tory finds a semblance of peace even though she doesn't hold onto it as her ex is till out there.

Tory becomes his housekeeper and cook along with helping with one particular horse that has given Josh a ton of trouble.

Josh comes to care for Tory deeply, but has a hard time trusting his feelings.  Tory does too but knows that she's fallen for him anyway.

So the story is filled spine tingling action and page turning suspense that makes it that you have to finish the story asap!!!

And lots of things happen.  

Her ex, Damon, kidnaps her best friend and then assaults her and shoots her when she doesn't give him any information about Tory to him.

She ends up having amnesia after being shot, which could be considered a good thing.

A terrorist cell goes after marine vets among whom is Josh.  So his life is in danger twice over!!!  But with his training and skills, Josh's able to kill the men that shot at him and killed his friends.

You see a little bit of Lincoln Cain (book 1) and his wife Carly, in this story as he's brothers to Josh.  He helps him get out of some of the messes that keep happening.  It also helps that Linc is a millionaire several times over and can offer assistance even though Josh doesn't really financial help.

But in the end, Josh must declare his love in order for Tory to stay and really believe him.  And they end up complimenting each other beautifully and live happily ever after!!!

This is a great finish to the trilogy.   All the points in the story are finished and dealt with so you know that everything has ended!!

Definitely worth checking out!

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