Beyond Danger by Kat Martin

Beyond Danger by Kat MartinBook 2

Beyond Danger by Kat Martin is book 2 in the Texas Trilogy.

This book is about Beaumont Reese and Cassidy Jones.

Beau is best friends with Linc in book 1 and together they own and run Texas American Enterprises, a billion-dollar corporation.

Now while this book has connecting characters from the other books, and they come into the storyline a bit, this book is about Beau and Cassidy.

So while you read a bit about Linc and Carly from book 1, you don't read about how or what they are doing.

This story starts out with Beau finding out that his father has fathered a child with a young girl in the small town of Pleasent Hill where he grew up.

And he's beyond angry that his father would do this, not surprised though.

He confronts his father, plans to bring papers for him to sign, and storms out.

While he's there he meets Cassidy Jones.  So he has a terrible first impression of her as his father has been known to fluant his women around.

When he brings the papers back for his father to sign, he finds him on the floor, bleeding with a letter opener sticking out of his chest.

Cassidy finds him there with the letter opener in his hand and tries to help him save his father.  But to no avail.  His father dies on the way to the hospital.

Beau then becomes the prime suspect in his father's murder case.  He and Cassidy team up to try to find out who really killed his dad.

Cassidy was hired by his father, Senator Stewart Reese, to find the ones who were following him and why.

So together they delve into who killed him.  And they dig up some major bones that others wanted to stay buried.

And while they are digging into his father's life and what could have been the motive to his death, they grow closer together and eventually have a realationship.

And they dodge bullets, race around in amazing cars, and basically get into trouble.  There's lots of suspense and intrigue to keep you entertained and pinned to the page.

And of course, like any good romance, they each have their hangups that make it difficult for them to fully commit until someone gives them a nudge in the right direction.  

This time, it's Linc, his best friend, that makes him realize that he can put his past to rest and let his first wife rest in peace.

And then it ends happily ever after!!!!

So it's a good story, well-written with likable characters that you fall in love with as well.  It's definitely a book worth checking out.

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