The Brodies of Alaska by Kat Martin

The Brodies of Alaska Series is a series that has connecting characters in both the Against Series and the Boss, Inc Series by Kat Martin.  

This series is about the Brodie brothers, Rafe, Nick and Dylan.

They lost their mother when they were just teens and their father, Clay raised them with the help of Winne Henry.  Rafe is the oldest, then Dylan and Nick.

After their father died, the boys drifted apart.

These stories begin when each of them find love. And finding a mystery that has to be solved.

And while this is a series, there is no background plot that spans the whole series.  So you can read each book alone.  You do read about the previous characters as you go forward in the series and find out a little about how they are doing.

This is a three book series about the Brodie brothers.  And as you read each book you see what the previous characters are up to when you read book 2 and 3.

Book 1, Against the Wild, brings us Dylan's story first.  He meets Lane in book ? of the Against Series (I'll let you know when I find out again!!).

Book 2, Against the Sky is when Nick gets his story.  He is the family brooder and is taking a hiatus from working to deal with his bad case of burn out!  When he meets Samantha Hollis, his plans change!

Book 3, Against the Tide, is Rafe's story.  I'll add more about it after I've read it!!

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