Desert Heat by Kat Martin

Kat Martin's Desert HeatBook 2

Desert Heat is the 2nd book in the Sinclair Sisters Trilogy. 

This trilogy is about the three Sinclair sisters. There's Charity, Patience and Hope.  

This is Patience's story.

And Dallas Kingman's story.

Patience is finishing her thesis for her PhD.  Her thesis is about women in the rodeo.  So her adventure is to tag along with a group of people that are a part of a traveling rodeo.  She'll do take her research from riding with them for the summer so she can get first hand knowledge about everything!

So the author has included all sorts of things about cowboys and riding, the rodeo and traveling in her story.  You learn about what it's like to be a part of that lifestyle.  She does a pretty good job of explaining things and making you feel like you are a part of that.

What's also fun is that part of the story is about Patience's grandmother who was in the rodeo herself.  Patience learns from her journals things she couldn't have learned anywhere else.  

And of course, there's problems that arise.  The company that Patience rides with is the Circle C Rodeo Company with Charlie Carson as owner.  Dallas is Charlie's nephew.  And this company has been having all sorts of accidents that are costing them a ton.

It's not love at first sight for Patience and Dallas.  They irritated each other more than anything.  But as Dallas gets to know her, he finds that there's a whole lot more to her than he originally thought.

So the majority of the story is Dallas and Patience getting to know each other while traveling and competing in rodeos.  It's also how they are dealing with all the accidents that are happening along the way.

What they don't know until the end is that the accidents are not random.  They are being sabotaged by someone that wants them to fail.  

Okay, I won't give away the ending.  But it was an interesting story.  

There was no real connection with Midnight Sun or Deep Blue (that's Charity's and Hope's stories) other then them being sisters.  The other sisters play a very insignificant role in this book.  You don't have to read this series in order as there is no background plot going on!

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