Into the Firestorm by Kat Martin

Into the Firestorm by Kat MartinBook 3

Into the Firestorm is the 3rd book in the Boss, Inc. Series

This is where Luke Brodie finally gets his story.

In book 1 he was a bit of a loner and didn't seem all that.  But he gets his own story here!!  

Luke is a bounty hunter and a good one.  He doesn't like working with anyone.

When he sees Emma Cassidy, she is not what he expected.

She is also a bounty hunter.   She only became one to get the man that hurt her sister and her niece.  For her, it's very personal.

She won't stop looking for Rudy Vance.  She can't.  It's a matter of life or death for her sister and niece.

He won't let her look for him alone.  He grudgingly takes her under his wing and they work together to find him.  

As they get to know each other, they fall for each other.  Luke falls hard for her first, hard!!

It's a cute story.  I enjoyed it.

You don't have to read this series in order as there is no back story happening.  It's just fun to read them in order!  Then you know what's already happened and what's not happened.

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