Into the Fury by Kat Martin

Into the Fury by Kat MartinBook 1

Into the Fury is the 1st book in the Boss, Inc. Series by Kat Martin.

This series is about the men that work for Brodie Operations Security Services, Inc.  Hence the book name Boss, Inc.

Brothers, Ethan and Luke Brodie (book 3) work with their cousin Ian Brodie.  Dirk Renyolds also works with them (book 2).

This series is loosely connected to the Brodies of Alaska Series and a bit to the Against Series, also written by Kat Martin.

This story is about Ethan Brodie and Valerie Hartman.

When Ethan and Dirk are asked to provide extra protection for the models at La Belle Lingerie, they find someone who is sending the models threatening notes.  

While they think it will be an easy job protecting a group of simple-minded models, they couldn't have been more wrong.  

Ethan encounters Valentine Hart.  She is beautiful and smart.  She is not what he expected.  Her real name is Valerie Hartman.  She is a studying to be a vet and won the opportunity to model for a price she couldn't ignore.  

But as the threats increase and one of them is murdered, Ethan and Val draw closer together.  They take a chance on each other despite the threat.

It's a well written story, with an intense plot line and well-developed characters.  A thoroughly enjoyable read.

As there is no background plot happening in this series, you don't need to read book 2, Into the Whirlwind or book 3, Into the Firestorm in order.  

Each is interesting and entertaining though.  Definitely worth checking out.

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