Midnight Sun by Kat Martin

Midnight Sun by Kat MartinBook 1

Midnight Sun is the 1st book in the Sinclair Sisters Trilogy.  This series is about 3 sisters - Charity, Hope and Patience.

This is Charity's story.  With McCall Hawkins.

Each of the girls want to go onto an adventure.

Charity chooses to go the Yukon and take over an old mining claim.  She's never done anything like this in her life.

McCall Hawkins happens to be living right next door.  He's annoyed that someone so inexperienced has taken over the mine.   But as he gets to know her, he just might change his mind.

McCall came to the Yukon to hide from reality.  He lost his family in a tragic accident and he is in hiding.

There is instant chemistry between both characters right from the beginning.  But they both have lots of issues that make it difficult to get together.

True to her style of writing, the main characters don't get together till the last page.  

Of course, lots of things happen that make it difficult for them to be together.

There's also lots of problems to overcome!! 

It's a cute story.  And a memorable story.  I remember reading it several months ago and I can still recall the details of the story!!

While Desert Heat and Deep Blue are book 2 and 3 in this series, you don't have to read them to enjoy this story.  This series is just loosly connected with them being sisters.

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